How to Create a Social Media Banner Using Canva

Marketing-Tip_-Social-Media-Banners How to Create a Social Media Banner Using Canva

Canva is a free, online graphic design tool filled with thousands of templates and images you can use to create amazing graphics for your social media posts, email, presentations, videos, and more.

Here’s how you to create a social media banner using Canva. You can also view a three-minute tutorial on our YouTube channel.

  1. Go to
    1. Login
    2. If you don’t have a login, create a free account
  2. In the search box, enter the template you’d like to create, for example, Facebook cover.
  3. On the left, you’ll see all the pre-designed covers available for use.
    1. If a banner has a crown or other symbol in its bottom, right corner, it is not free to use.
    2. Choose a banner you’d like to start with. We’ll choose an Autumn Facebook Cover.
    3. Click See All to view all the banners in this category.
    4. We are going to click on the Jonson Hollow Farm’s 4th Annual Fall Festival.
  4. Once you choose the template, you are free to change the colors, images, fonts, font sizes, and more. You can also upload your own images into the platform for a truly customized look.
  5. We are going to change the background color from brown to more of an orange color.
    1. Click on the brown color. You can see the color swatch box in the upper, left corner. Click that.
      1. If you don’t see a color you like, click the “+” icon to choose another color or to enter a web-ready color code from your brand colors, e.g., #582476
      2. We are going to choose the orange swatch.
    2. I can see the text is now lost in the background color. To change that, click on the text you want to change, in this case, “The Johnson Hollow Farm’s” by double-clicking in the text box.
      1. Click on the text color “A” in the top toolbar and choose a new color. We are going to choose the dark grey.
      2. We are then going to make the date font color the same as the headline to create unity in the design. Double-click on the text box and highlight the text. Click the “A” icon and change the font color to the same grey you chose for the header.
      3. I don’t mind the color for the 4th Annual copy, but if you wanted to change that you could do the same thing by double-clicking the text box and changing the font color. What I do want to do though, is change the font’s typeface.
        1. I double click on the 4th Annual text box and select all the text.
        2. Then I click on the font typeface box in the top navigation and scroll through until I find a new font I like more. In this case, I choose Abril Fatface.
      4. At this point, you might want to save your work. First, in the top navigation, change the design name to something you’ll recognize. Then, on the left, choose File, Save.
      5. Now I want to change the pumpkins to leaves. First, I have to find free leaf images I can use.
        1. Click on the left side bar’s Elements box. Enter “leaf” in the search box. I can see all the free and paid images for use. I want to keep this free, so I find a few free images and click on the ones I like.
          1. I can change the color of the image using the color-swatch button in the top navigation.
          2. I can move the images to where I want them to go by clicking on it, then dragging it into position.
          3. I can also adjust its size and rotate it.
  1. Remember to save the file. The system does save the file as the images are being created but do it anyway, just to be safe.
  2. Now you can download the file using the Download button in the top navigation.
    1. Choose the file type for the social media platform, e.g., PNG or JPG is fine.
    2. Click download. The file will go into your computer’s download folder.

Sample Image

facebook-cover-sample How to Create a Social Media Banner Using Canva

Facebook cover photo graphical sample.

To create a photo banner rather than a graphics banner, use these steps.

  1. In the same file, click on “+Add a new page,” just under the existing banner.
  2. Click on Templates in the top, left corner.
  3. Clear the selection if there is one.
  4. Scroll through the templates until you find one you like. In this case, we are going to search for “business,” and choose from among those templates called Jack & Jean Apparel.
  5. You can change the fonts and colors just like before.
    1. Simply click on the text box, select all.
    2. Go to the font color icon and choose a new color or enter your brand color.
    3. Change the blue banner color to one of your brand colors or complementary colors. I am going to choose black.
  6. For the photo, you have thousands of photos to choose from. However, be sure to choose only a free one or you have to pay to use the image.
    1. On the left sidebar, click the photos icon.
    2. You can search for a photo or scroll through the images (there are hundreds to view).
    3. We are going to look for “jeans” photos by entering “jeans” in the search box to see what comes up.
    4. Choose from among the photos you see. I am going to choose the image with the heart in the pocket.
      1. I simply grab the image and drag it into the box where the existing image sits. It will automatically adjust.
    5. Now I see I don’t like the stripes and banner. I can remove them by clicking on the stripe images and deleting it. Oops, I lost my text. Or did I? It’s there. But it’s white. I have to change its color.
    6. Now the photo is too small. To remedy that, I click on the image to resize it by grabbing one of the image corners and dragging it to size.
  7. I could also change the brand font to my actual logo. To do that, I’d
    1. Click the upload button on the left sidebar
    2. Click the Upload an image or video button at the top and upload my logo. Once loaded, it will appear in your Images list.
    3. Click on the existing Jack and Jean text and delete the box.
    4. Click on it and resize it to fit the image.
  8. I can now add additional marketing text, such as my store address, phone number, and website. Remember to keep this to a minimum so the image is clean.
  9. To add text, click on the Text icon on the left sidebar. Choose “Add a subheading.” Drag the box to where you want the text to appear. Write about what you want. 10%Off Now thru Dec. 31.
    1. Now that’s really large. You can change the font size in the top navigation.
    2. You can change the format too using the top navigation. I am going to center the text. And, I want to lighten the font color just a little to make the brand stand out a little more.
  10. Download the file once you have finalized the design.

Sample Image

Facebook-Cover-Image-Fall How to Create a Social Media Banner Using Canva

Facebook cover image sample.

Now that you know how to create these images, what will you feature on your social media cover?