How to Leverage Text Messaging at Your Accounting Firm

text-message_TW-1024x512 How to Leverage Text Messaging at Your Accounting Firm

If you have clients who are not in a traditional office environment, e.g., construction, manufacturing, restaurants, doctors, etc., consider implementing a text-message plan to help keep them informed.

Before you begin, strategize a plan for the announcement, content, and timing. Inform clients about the type of text messages they can expect to receive. Start by outlining the process on a web page and in an email to clients. Also, consider a brief welcome text message using this formula Text [keyword] to [shortcode] for [offer]. Example: Text “AcctRules” to 5551212 for tax tips, reminders, and important updates.

Getting Opt-Ins

This article from SimpleTexting outlines a great plan to gain opt-ins for new subscribers, including promoting it on social media and Google AdWords, including an opt-in checkbox on client intake forms, and more.

What to Send

Clients want useful information, rather than generic information, from your firm. Here are some items to consider:

  • Employment taxes;
  • Information returns;
  • Tax requirements;
  • Independent contractor responsibilities;
  • Quarterly estimated tax payments;
  • Tips about increasing business efficiencies;
  • Regulatory updates in client industries;
  • Links to videos or podcast tips that address common pain points; and
  • New services your firm is offering.

Using a text-messaging service is a great way to budget and stick to the plan. In January, Comparakeet released the “Best Text Message Marketing Services 2017”. Check out the list to get an idea of the service offerings, pricing, and media sharing abilities.

Tax season is approaching quickly. Why not leverage a text message campaign to help keep clients informed, you on track, and communication flowing?