How to Market Your Services to Freelancers

freelance-marketing-tips_LI-532x300-1 How to Market Your Services to Freelancers

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No matter what your business services might be, if freelancers are part of your target market, consider answering one or more of these questions to help generate leads. [This is also available on our YouTube channel.]

  • What are some tools that might help freelancers manage their [fill in the blank, e.g., financials]?
  • How can freelancers begin to think about [fill in the blank, e.g., financials] if they haven’t spent much time on it?
  • What do freelancers need to do to become (and stay) [fill in the blank, e.g., profitable]?
  • Should freelancers hire an [fill in the blank, e.g., accountant] and a [fill in the blank, e.g., financial planner]?
  • What are the most important [fill in the blank, e.g., financials] to watch?

Then, create a piece of content to address all the answers or each, separately…I smell an ebook opportunity!

The Content Formula for Success

Now that you’ve decided on your Q&A, you must create content to draw freelancers toward your business. Here’s how it works.

  1. Identify the freelancer’s pain point your service can solve.
  2. Develop an answer to the pain point.
  3. Create a piece of content to share on social media, in email, or other marketing channels, such as ads.
  4. Use a relevant call to action and hashtags, like #freelancer #fivvr #smallbusinesstips #WednesdayWisdom.
  5. Craft a content delivery schedule to share the information and media types over a period of days and weeks.

Bonus Content Tip

Create the answer in one media format, then as another. For example, if you chose to create a video, be sure to write a script. That text may also be developed into a podcast audio file, blog post, outline for a speaker pitch, webinar topic, ebook, infographic, and more.

Now that you have five questions to tackle and the content formula for success, what will your Q&A be?