How to Post Instagram Ads From Your Phone

instagram-wood-LI-532x266 How to Post Instagram Ads From Your Phone

Photo: Kaufdex

Do you want to increase followers and engagement, or gain online sales? Using Instagram’s ad options are possible with your phone.

But, before you can run ads on Instagram, you must have your billing and credit card information on your Facebook Ads Manager account.

Once that information is added, go back to your Instagram account. Then:

  1. Log in to your Instagram account
  2. Click the hamburger menu (top, right)
  3. Click Open Facebook
  4. Click Promote (looks like a megaphone)
  5. Choose your Goal/Objective, e.g., Promote Your Business Locally
  6. Choose your audience’s geographic location, adjusting the surrounding mileage marker with the slide rule. If using the business promotion objective, the location will be determined by the company’s address.
  7. Use the slide rules to choose the age demographic.
  8. Choose the gender(s)
  9. You will be shown a generic ad in the Ad Preview area. Click Edit to change that ad.
    1. Enter the ad text.
    2. Choose if you want images or video
    3. Adjust the headline
    4. Click Done.
  10. Choose the Call to Action from the options listed.
  11. Choose the Budget
  12. Define the ad Duration
  13. Ensure the Run this ad on Instagram button is green.
  14. View the Preview
  15. Choose the Payment method
  16. Click Promote.

There are several ad format options available in Instagram. To leverage them, however, it’s best to use Facebook’s Ad Manager to create fun and creative ads like carousels, stories, video ads, and more. Jumper Media has a nice, step-by-step primer to walk you through how to set those up.

Now that you have the ad tips, what will your first campaign be about?