How to Tag People or Brands on LinkedIn

LinkedIn-tags-LI-532x266 How to Tag People or Brands on LinkedIn

If you’ve ever wanted to tag someone or a brand on LinkedIn, here’s how to do it. You can also view this video on our YouTube channel.

  1. Login to your company page (or personal profile if you’re posting individually)
  2. On your homepage, click into the Share an article, photo, video or idea field.
  3. Type (or copy/paste) the post’s information; then, type “@” and then begin typing a name in the box. You’ll see a list of potential people you can mention.
  4. Click on the name of the person or people you want to mention from the list and continue typing your message.

Note: LinkedIn members don’t need to be your connection in order to mention you or be mentioned by you. However, they must have a LinkedIn account.

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