Incredible 10-Step Instagram Strategy

small-business-man-532x266-1 Incredible 10-Step Instagram Strategy

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If you’re new to Instagram or are looking to up your game, here are ten steps to crush the competition and make your company’s Instagram profile stand out.

  1. Define your target market
  2. Set goals and objectives
  3. Focus on performance metrics (not just followers)
  4. Commit to a posting schedule
  5. Optimize your profile
  6. Share great content
  7. Grow followers/engagement
  8. Use the “right” hashtags
  9. Promote the account
  10. Advertise

What tools do you need?

Blogging Wizard offers “13 Powerful Instagram Tools To Boost Your Social Media Presence,” including some great hashtag research tools.

Need inspiration?

Convince and Convert shares how seven B2B brands are using Instagram the way it was supposed to be use.

Need help with strategy, content development, or scheduling? Give us a call. We help accounting firm and small business owners develop, implement, monitor, and manage their social media presence.

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