Lead Generation with Customer-Focused Newsletters

WhyAClientNewsleter-229x300 Lead Generation with Customer-Focused Newsletters Generating revenue is more critical than ever for businesses today. Markets may be saturated and business development can be highly competitive. With these demands, how do you professionally and consistently market your business to prospects and customers?

A customer newsletter is one way to keep your business’ name front and center with customers. It’s also an effective way to “speak” to your customers about the industry issues that are important to them.

Leverage a newsletter to help build customer loyalty and to stay in contact with customers. Use it as a relationship-building tool and for establishing two-way communication. In the end, ensuring your customers find value in your services, beyond the traditional efforts you may have used in the past, is key to your business’ future.

4 Tips to Creating a Customer Newsletter

  1. Differentiate Yourself: Create useful, original content customers will read.
  2. Show Personality: Share how your company is involved with the community, highlight niche topics, and share photos.
  3. Write for the Audience: Consider local- or state-focused news/topics to feature in the newsletter.
  4. Bring New Ideas: A newsletter helps to establish you and your company as a thought leader, bringing new ideas to the forefront of your customers’ minds.

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A customer-focused newsletter helps you to communicate regularly with clients, prospects, and referral sources.

Download this tips sheet on how it helps increase market visibility and build brand awareness while boosting customer retention. Though this tip sheet was written for the accounting profession, the tips apply to any industry.

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