How to Manage Your Company’s Social Media Profiles Like a Pro

You have decided to leverage social media for your company. However, it’s a time commitment you’re not sure you can make, without sacrificing time needed to support clients, to grow your business, or to increase revenue.

The more social media platforms your company is using, the more time you’ll need to spend on maintaining it.

Be sure you know your:

  1. Target market (buyer persona)
  2. Company’s personality and tone (this helps you when creating content)
  3. Budget – though you won’t be spending money, you will be spending time and resources to create, post, and monitor content
  4. Target social media platforms based on your target market

Here’s how it works.

How-social-media-works How to Manage Your Company’s Social Media Profiles Like a Pro

The checklist below is designed for someone just like you. It outlines how you can manage a variety of social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube, and Pinterest, while focusing on what you do best…your business.


Post 5-15 x / Week

  • Post a status update
    • Content of value
    • Your own content more than others
    • Include keywords and hashtags
  • Check for and reply to messages and comments
  • Check for new fans
    • Thank them by using the @handle (their name or account handle)
  • Check out what your competition is posting (format, content, hashtags)
  • Check insights (analytics)
    • What is / is not working
    • Try posting at different times of the day/days of week based on insights
  • Update cover photo (monthly or quarterly)
  • Update company About section (monthly or quarterly)

Tip: Create a Facebook Cover Image with Call to Action.


Post 4-7 x / Week (1 -2 x / day)

  • Share posts about your company’s culture 1x/week
  • Share posts after work hours (keep your audience’s time zone in mind; not yours)
  • Avoid posting in the middle of the night (a post’s “life” is about 4 hours)
  • Use popular hashtags (1-3 per post)
  • Use photo captions to ask questions to increase Likes and comments
  • Post fan photos from those who tag your brand in their images
  • Monthly
    • Share product “teasers” or sneak-peeks of soon-to-be released products or info about an exciting event
    • Use Instagram Video to engage with fans and to promote exciting new products or upcoming events
    • Update the Bio with new hashtags or web links, use ShortStack to build a campaign so you don’t have to update the bio each time


Post Weekly

  • Post 3-5 status updates with “share-worthy” content
    • Content of value
    • Your own content
    • Do limited posts of other people’s content on your company page
    • Include keywords
  • Respond to comments on your posts
  • Share company posts on personal accounts and in groups on personal profiles (great tip for employees). Employees must “Follow” the company page to get updates in their personal feed.
  • Check Insights (analytics) to see who has followed your page
  • Search for, visit, and follow company pages of interest


Post 3-15x per week

  • Post a Tweet – include keywords and hashtags
  • Tag people using their @handle
  • Check for mentions of your handle, reply, and/or send a thank you
  • Check for and reply to direct messages – reply quickly (24-48 hours)
  • Review your Tweet stream and retweet relevant posts from others
  • Comment on other’s Tweets to increase your following
  • Search on hashtags to find new people to follow **
  • Update your cover image (monthly or quarterly)
  • Review and edit your profile for any new keywords or hashtags (monthly or quarterly)

** Tip: Try not to follow more than 10 – 20% more people than are following you.


Post 1-3 x / Month

  • Post new content 1-3 times per month
  • Leverage tags and keywords in the description
  • Share the post on other social media and marketing (e.g., email) to promote the new video
  • See posting schedule recommendations; avoid some of the most popular times
  • Check subscribers list each week
  • Check the competition’s YouTube channel each month


Post 1-5 x/Week

  • Post a pin of your own
    • Link it back to your website or online location
    • Re-pin or “heart” other people’s content to your company boards
    • Include keywords and hashtags
  • Visit your home feed
    • Like, comment on, and re-pin images you find to your boards
  • Search by keywords or category to find new content by others

Tip: Click through other people’s content before sharing on your board

Keep this checklist handy by downloading the infographic version. Remember to share it with anyone on your team who will be assisting you with your social media efforts.

Need help? Reach out to us. We specialize in social media marketing for CPA firms and small businesses.