Maximize Your Firm’s Digital Reach with Social Media and SEO

Uncovering-Social-Media-and-SEO-Opportunitites-for-your-firm-300x224 Maximize Your Firm’s Digital Reach with Social Media and SEO Social media and search engine optimization (SEO) should be a part of every firm’s marketing strategy today. But, are you sure you’re getting the most from your analytics, new social platforms, and SEO to help increase lead generation, the firm’s bottom line, and branding potential?

Maximizing Your Firm’s Digital Reach

I recently spoke at the Association for Accounting Marketing (AAM) with Brian Swanson, partner at Flashpoint Marketing, about this very topic, which included:

  • Discovering additional inbound marketing opportunities for your firm using Google+.
  • Taking a deeper dive into social analytics, e.g., dark social, to help determine how clients share content; and
  • Understanding how Author Rank influences search engine rankings and inbound marketing.

Some of the things I stressed most for any firm’s social media and digital marketers was to use a content strategy and follow that with a solid measurement dashboard.

We also talked about the power of customer filters to help track social engagement to conversions, as well as leverage UTM codes to aid in social tracking engagement. One of the best things I think we mentioned was the tools. Smaller firms are on tight budgets, so we talked about the inexpensive options that provide great results.

Additional Resources

Download the slides, listen to the playback, check out the infographics that helped me write the majority of this presentation.

Your Turn

What best practices can you share about how your firm or small business is leveraging social media and digital marketing?

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