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Buyer-persona-guide-cover MC Promo  Having a deep understanding of your buyer is crucial to driving the type of content you create, images, text, tip sheets, graphics, etc., to the sales follow-up that works best to engage and retain them.

At its most basic level, a persona helps you to personalize your efforts toward your target market, whether that’s one market or several. For example, you might have a Board of Directors, people who buy one type of service or another, webinar attendees, downloaders, etc. Knowing who and how is important to you so you can tailor your message to what you know about each target market.

In “The Buyer Persona and the Keywords That Attract Them” guide, you will find:

  • Activities to identify your buyer persona(s) and negative personas you don’t want to attract;
  • The type of content that attracts buyers at various levels of the sales funnel; and
  • Several ways to find keyword to attract your buyers.

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