Our Story

At Penheel Marketing we do things a little differently. Our boutique firm offers social and digital marketing virtually. We focus our efforts on our client’s needs rather than spending valuable time traveling from office to office.

In fact, with the technology that’s currently available, not only are we able to spend less time on travel and more time working for you, we are also better able to educate you via online methods to help you experience how we serve you best.

Founded in 2011 by Becky Livingston, Penheel Marketing focuses its efforts on helping small business owners, non-profit leaders, and CPAs to engage in social media and digital marketing. In fact, since we began, Penheel Marketing has helped organizations, like yours, to experience a new way to reach clients, customers, members, benefactors, and more through online means.

We specialize in:

  • Social Media
    • Strategy
    • Development in current and emerging areas
    • Metrics and measurement
    • Blogging
    • Education for your staff
  • Public Speaking
    • Social Media
    • Digital Marketing
    • New Media
    • Marketing profession trends and stats