SEM Best Practices for the DIYer

SEM-Diyer-532x266-1 SEM Best Practices for the DIYer

Image: Canva

So…you want to take on search engine marketing (SEM) on your own.

Maybe you’re feeling a little overwhelmed now that you peeked behind the Google Ads curtain.

Maybe you just want to maximize your efforts and ad’s effectiveness to reach your goal.

Either way, these six tips should help those who want to tackle SEM on their own.

Half-Dozen SEM Tips

Here are six of my best SEM blogs to help you maximize your ad effectiveness.

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  3. Advanced Google Ads Bidding Strategy
  4. AdWords Extensions Equals Increased Visibility and Revenue
  5. Before Increasing Your Google AdWords Budget Do This
  6. AdWords Campaigns Tantalizing As A Thanksgiving Dinner

If you have questions, or need some help after all, give me a call.