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Founded in 2011, Penheel Marketing focuses its efforts on helping small businesses and small- to mid-sized CPA firms to engage in social media and digital marketing. In fact, since we began, Penheel Marketing has helped organizations, like yours, to experience a new way to reach clients, customers, members, benefactors, and more through online means.

We specialize in the following areas. Consider downloading our brochure as a take-away from your online visit.

Social Media

  • Strategy—Helping you to define what social media channels make the most sense for your organization.
  • Development in current and emerging areas—Taking your organization into the current big 5 spaces—LinkedIn®, Twitter®, Facebook®, YouTube®, and blogs—and beyond—if that’s where it wants to or should be going.
  • Metrics and measurement—Being able to define your successes and to see that through metrics is a powerful motivator. Let us help you with that.
  • Blogging—In many cases, we offer ghost writing and/or blogging to help your organization’s web site content to stay fresh. Our staff writes on many topics, but even better than that, we can provide you with a schedule of blog topics and do the research needed to help you stay current on your web site.
  • Ad Development and placement—on platforms, such as Google®, Facebook and LinkedIn, etc., let us help you to reach your audience through the use of interesting copy, eye-catching graphics, and an effective advertisement rotation model.
  • Education—All of this can be daunting to you and your staff. Let us provide you with the education your staff needs to get up to speed, including guides and white papers, online training modules, educational videos, and in some cases in-house learning sessions and one-on-one training.

Digital Marketing

  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)—Leveraging Google AdWords, and Bing/Yahoo!—the world’s largest search engines—to help you market to your customers based on a pre-defined budget set by you. We will monitor the account, track metrics, provide reporting, and monitor your account to help increase online search results for your company, firm, or organization.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)—Through SEO efforts you can increase your search engine results through your own web site tools. For example, ensuring you are using best practices on your web site, such as tagging content and images, backlinks, title and header tags, meta keywords, and more, will help to naturally increase your rankings in major search engines.
  • Google AdWords Reseller—As a Google AdWords reseller, we can help manager your online advertising through the Google advertising platform.
  • Web Site Updates and Design—We are skilled designers from architecture to development and publishing. If you are looking for site update or are starting from scratch, we can help you out.
  • Logo Design—Working with a tremendous array of designers gives us the flexibility to find the right one for your project. From simple to complex, let us design the logo that speaks for your company.
  • eNewsletter Design and Deployment—We help you determine the best type of digital newsletter, and can help you write it, edit, design, and deploy it.
  • A/B Split Testing and eMail Development—Demonstrating how A/B split testing on imagery, copy, calls to action, and more help to increase click-thru rates and opens.
  • Copywriting and Editing—With more than 20 years of experience in the marketing, communications, and technology fields, and nearly a dozen years in financial services, we can offer you a web site review as well copy editing for blog content, eMails, digital marketing, and web sites.
  • Sharing best practices—Let us help you stay ahead of the curve by offering news and information about best practices in the digital marketing space. Visit our Pinterest®, LinkedIn, Google+, or Twitter accounts to learn more about the news we’re sharing.

Website Design

  • We work with clients to create new websites on WordPress®. We don’t do hosting or domain support, but work with many, reputable companies to do those services. We have also inherited the maintenance of existing WordPress sites, as well as updating themes for clients. In addition, we work with some clients to support other website tools other than WordPress. Visit our online, design portfolio to see some samples.

Blogging and Copy Editing

  • Our founder, Becky Livingston, has been published dozens of times either writing under her own name or as a ghost writer for clients. In addition, she writes monthly blogs for several accounting-related newsletters, clients in various industries, and for the Penheel Marketing website.  In addition to blogging and research, Penheel Marketing offers clients copy writing and editing services to help bring clarity and structure to a documents.

Graphic Design

  • One of those skill sets that comes with online design/development and digital marketing is graphic design. Our designers specialize in traditional and print graphic design–posters, mailers, slide deck templates, postcards, etc., to online graphics and digital advertising–Facebook and Google Ads, social media profile banners and images, and more. Visit our online, design portfolio to see some of the design we’ve done recently.

Public Speaking

  • Our founder, Becky Livingston, enjoys public speaking and teaching, and welcomes the chance to speak at events throughout the year on topics such as social media, Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing, digital marketing, and more.
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