Social Media One-Tip Takeaway

Women-Future-Conference-Zoom-Photo-sm Social Media One-Tip Takeaway I recently moderated the Growth Through Social Media panel at the Women|Future online conference with four fabulous speakers.

Below are our Social Media One-Tip Takeaways for small business owners. Download these tips here.

  • Consistency and committed to social media efforts – Sheryl Plouffe Video Strategist, Sheryl Plouffe Media Inc.,
  • Care – show that you actually care, show up and reciprocate, and acknowledge people (aside from their $$)- Sharon Beason, Business Strategist & Consultant, Womeneur
  • Personal – Let your real personality to shine through. Take time to show who invest time in me that “I see you!” – Precious Williams, CEO, Perfect Pitches by Precious, LLC
  • Be on multiple platforms, but go full ham on one or two of them. Make sure when you’re looking at content, give value to your audience. “Give your beast advice and connecting with the audience.” – Chithra Durgam, Founder, Aesthetic Dental and Roar Mouthguards
  • Build Relationships – social media is a marathon not a sprint. Continue to engage with your audience. – Becky Livingston, CEO Penheel Marketing

The speakers also recommended these tips:

  • Make content with your camera
  • Analytics tools
    • top-performing hashtags, to- performing posts, conversion metrics.
    • Look at analytics in each platform (but don’t obsess)
  • Authenticity for the post-pandemic growth (take care of your tribe!)
  • Develop your brand/reputation
  • Increase Exposure: Consider platforms that don’t have as much attention to increase brand reach
  • Algorithm changes – focus on the authentic content, giving away your best stuff, rather than focusing on the algorithm; keep focused; stick with the platform.
  • No budget? Cross posting on platforms, consistently posting, collaborate with other content creators, video and Facebook Live requires little $$
  • Paid Tools or Services – Canva, Kajabi, accountant, coaches, workflow strategist, virtual assistant, Gusto payroll service, Loom for video using slides
  • Increasing engagement: respond to people who view your Instagram stories and polls to get people involved (3x/wk), give your “Tribe” a name, talk to people and ask questions, direct message (DM) and leaving a voice note