Spring Cleaning for Your Facebook Account Settings

facebook-spring-cleaning_LI Spring Cleaning for Your Facebook Account Settings

If you’re like me, you take Facebook quizzes, polls, and personality tests, and may even play games on the platform. When you do these fun, time passers, you may be exposing your Facebook account to potential distribution of your personal information.  

Checking your Facebook Apps settings now and again is a good practice. If you’ve never done this, you might be surprised at the size of the electronic dust bunnies hiding in your Facebook crevasses.

Why should I check my Apps settings?

For some third-party apps to work, you may be asked to sign in using your Facebook credentials. In doing so, you grant them permission to access your Facebook account information and potentially personal information in that account, such as interests, where you live, age, and other information. Facebook, on the other hand does not take responsibility for third-party apps and the information they collect from your Facebook account; it’s in their Terms and Conditions.

You should check your app settings every now and then to make sure you are not still connected to an app that you’re no longer using.

Settings-209x300 Spring Cleaning for Your Facebook Account Settings How do I check my app settings?

  1. Login to your Facebook account.
  2. In the top, right corner, click the down arrow, and choose Settings.
  3. From the left navigation bar, choose Apps.
  4. At the top of the screen you’ll see all the apps you’ve logged into using your Facebook credentials. All those apps have access to your Facebook data.

To remove an App, hover over the app until the shaded area appears with the pencil icon and an “X”. Click the “X” to remove the app.

Additional Settings – Apps, Websites, and Plugins

You can also change the settings on the other items in the large, grey boxes by clicking “Edit” under each topic.

One of the most important ones to review is the Apps, Websites, and Plugins. According to Facebook, that setting allows “people on Facebook who can see your info to bring it with them when they use apps.” Check each box for listed items you’re willing to share when others use third-party apps, such as bio, birthday, family and relationships, interested in, my app activity, and more.

Facebook-App-Settings Spring Cleaning for Your Facebook Account Settings

Ad Preferences

While you’re in the Settings area, also check the Ad Preferences section located just below Apps on the left navigation panel.

This area determines what ads you see in your news stream. Click each topic and review the information listed. For example, if you click “Your interests,” you’ll see all the things you’ve shown an interest in before. Hover over the ones you want to remove, then check the “X” to remove the interest. Remember, when you remove these items, you may lose access to a topic you’re truly interested in. So be careful in this area.

Move down the additional areas, such as Advertisers, Your Information, Ad Settings, and Hide Ad Topics until you feel you’ve cleaned out your unwanted connections.

Like most spring cleaning projects, this process can be time consuming and requires your attention. Set aside some time to carefully review your settings to help make your Facebook experience safer and more enjoyable.