Steps to Social Media Success A Checklist

einstein-chartoon Steps to Social Media Success A Checklist As a small or new business owner, social media can be daunting. With you in mind, we’ve created a short, social media checklist that you can use to get started reaching new leads, engaging with existing customers, and increasing your brand’s power.

  1. Know your target market / buyer persona
  2. Identify the right platform for your target market
  3. Define your content strategy – The amount of times per week/month will you develop new content to share with your target market.
  4. Create an implementation plan – how often; when (time of day/day of week); what (blogs, video, ebooks, whitepaper, trivia, polls, etc.); to whom; and how it ties back to your business goals.
  5. Engage with followers / use hashtags
  6. Measure and track the platform’s engagement, reach, links to website, etc.

Like this list? Then go ahead and download the checklist.