Summer Is a Great Time to Stockpile Content

Content-Stockpile_GP Summer Is a Great Time to Stockpile Content Summer might be one of your slower times, which makes it the perfect time to stockpile content for your social media and marketing needs.

What kind of content should you be developing?

Of course, blog content, but also more strategic pieces like ebooks, whitepapers, tip sheets, and demos. You might also consider content that lends itself to a webinar or small conference for the early fall months.

As you consider what to create, keep the marketing funnel in mind as you develop a plan. Here’s a primer.

  • Top of Funnel: For those simply searching the Internet for information and are less likely to be a warm lead, create content such as blog articles, informational videos, podcasts, interviews, social media posts, and resources.
  • Middle of Funnel: For those who know what their business problem is and are seeking a solution, create content such as demos, whitepapers, trials, guides, webinars, FAQs, testimonials, happy-hour events, and small conferences.
  • Bottom of Funnel: For those who are ready to engage, be sure to have contact information and forms available on your site, the ability for them to inquire about your services and to speak with a person at your firm, and the means to schedule a free consultation.

Where do content ideas come from?

If you’ve just exited your busy season, you may have been peppered with questions about tax deduction, expenses, and more. Those questions from clients make great Q&As or tip sheets for release in the fall.

You might also consider trending topics that relate to your clients’ industries. What’s a pressing pain for them and how would you provide a solution—without giving away your competitive advantage?

Regulatory changes that could impact your clients are great news bits you can share on social media.

Technology is always a great topic to cover. From cloud-based solutions to artificial intelligence, your clients may be wondering about these things. Share what you’re learning and how it’s impacting the profession and them.

Trivia is fun and people enjoy getting involved. If you create a series of trivia questions that you release on a specific day, for example Trivia Tuesday, your fans will know when to expect the posts and answers. One thought is to share trivia for parents and how to help their children to get involved with finance and budgeting. The AICPA’s Feed the Pig for Tweens is a great resource for trivia questions.

Business tips from top online source, such as Forbes, CNN Money, Financial Times, accounting profession sources, and more, are also great idea generators for stories you can stockpile.

It’s also good to share stories that reflect your firm’s personality. For example, if your firm’s staff support charities, share information about those charities and events you’ve been involved with. Take fun photos and share them on social media, on your website, and maybe in a video. You might even consider highlighting staff who are doing good in the community and how the firm supports their efforts.

Finally, creating filler content, such as business quotes from leaders, inspirational quotes, and funny clips from the accounting profession also bring a “human” factor to your firm’s reputation.

Free Resources

If you’re still struggling with content ideas, turn to the search engines. There are tools to help you develop content ideas in minutes. Here is a short list of free resources to help you formulate ideas:

  • Google Suggest [also known as autocomplete]: As you type in an idea into the search box, Google’s algorithm predicts the top searches based on the keyword you entered. For example, agriculture pain points. Once you begin typing you will see the predictions appear just below the search box. Tip: Use the incognito or private browser feature before you begin to ensure your search is not influenced by past searches done on your computer.
  • Google AdWords: You must have a Gmail account to use this feature, but once you have an account, you can use Google AdWords to search for topics related to an idea you might have. For example, if you search the Keyword Planner tool for ‘Commercial & Investment Real Estate’ and add the filter “Only show ideas closely related to my search terms,” you will be presented with a list of topics you can download and comb through to find content suggestions.
  • is a great resource to find out what the public is interested in. Simply enter a keyword to find dozens of questions people ask about your keyword topic. For example, enter “real estate” and you’re presented with over 100 questions people are asking about real estate, such as “How are real estate taxes calculated?” You can also save the visualization image to keep handy for more ideas.
  • Topic generators are also great ways to help you get ideas. Search for “topic generators” or “title generators” in your search engine. Type in a term you want to write about, say “real estate,” and a bunch of titles and ideas will appear. Sometimes the title is the only thing you need to begin thinking about a piece of content.

Now that you’re armed with the resources, how many pieces of content will your team stockpile this summer?

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Disclaimer: This post originally appeared in the CPA Client Bulletin Resource Guide, © 2017, AICPA. Reprinted by permission.