5 Post Busy Season Online Ad Tips

Now that busy season is coming to a close for tax professionals, it’s time for another busy season—marketing your firm. Using online advertising is a great way to keep your firm’s name in top search engines. Here are five, online ad tips, or SEM, for placement in Google AdWords, Facebook ads, or Bing AdWords, to […]

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Is Your Company Set Up For Social Media?

Social media marketing is a recent component of organizations’ integrated marketing communications plans. Having an integrated marketing and communications plan helps to ensure all your marketing efforts are sprinkled throughout your marketing efforts, and align with your goals. Take five minutes to complete the checklist below to make sure you’ve covered all the initial basics […]

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Busy-Business_feature-image 5 Marketing Content Ideas for the Busy Months

5 Marketing Content Ideas for the Busy Months

When you’re business is busy, the last thing you may be thinking about is marketing content. However, the worst time to think about it is when you’re not busy. Keeping your company, and/or personal brand circulating on the Internet is a great way to increase search engine rankings, and people’s ability to find you when […]

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Content-Marketing-Feature-Image 20 Favorite Marketing Content Formats

20 Favorite Marketing Content Formats

Creating marketing content is time consuming. As a small business owner, non-profit marketer, or CPA, you don’t have the time to keep writing content to draw leads to your site. Here are 20 marketing content types that can help drive traffic to your site, and that don’t take a lot of time to develop. Remember, […]

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