Buyer Persona and the Keywords That Attract Them

What is buyer persona? According to this definition from HubSpot, “A buyer persona is a semi-fictional representation of your ideal customer based on market research and real data about your existing customers. When creating your buyer persona(s), consider including customer demographics, behavior patterns, motivations, and goals.” Having a deep understanding of your buyer is crucial […]

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5 Ways to Overcome the Blogging Slump

You’re a business owner. Not a writer. Blogging for your company may not be a high priority; nor may it come naturally for you. However, you know having a blog on your website helps with marketing efforts and generating leads. Here are five tips to overcome the blogging slump, with examples focused on the accounting […]

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9 eMarketing Tips for Small Business Owners

Recently I taught an eMarketing workshop, hosted by SCORE Bergen, for small business owners. The focus of the session was to help small business owners, already using social media, to increase leads with emarketing efforts. This included things like: Facebook boosted posts and paid ads; LinkedIn PPC/CPC campaigns and sponsored updates; Twitter cards and sponsored Tweets; […]

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10 Fun Summer Marketing Ideas

You’ve made it past winter and as spring is just starting, you’re ready for some fun. Now is the time to be thinking about your summer marketing efforts—and to infuse some fun! Consider using that mentality when it comes to your company’s marketing efforts. Infuse your summer marketing effort with “fun!” 10 Fun Marketing Ideas […]

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Landing-Page-feature-image 8 Landing Page Tips for Non-Profits and Small Businesses

8 Landing Page Tips for Non-Profits and Small Businesses

Landing pages are critical to any good inbound marketing effort. Here are eight tips you can use to create landing pages: Clear, concise, compelling headlines 2-3 sentences about the offer/value 3-5 bullet points about the benefit(s) Form with 3-7 relevant fields Easy-to-notice call to action Relevant or compelling image Social sharing buttons On “submit,” directs […]

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Content-Marketing-Feature-Image 20 Favorite Marketing Content Formats

20 Favorite Marketing Content Formats

Creating marketing content is time consuming. As a small business owner, non-profit marketer, or CPA, you don’t have the time to keep writing content to draw leads to your site. Here are 20 marketing content types that can help drive traffic to your site, and that don’t take a lot of time to develop. Remember, […]

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