Boost Content Engagement by Injecting Trivia and Quizzes

If your social media schedule is looking a little dull, just think how your followers feel? Consider injecting trivia questions and quizzes into your monthly schedule to help increase engagement and reignite your connection to fans. Here’s How Think about topics that resonate with your followers. You should know them pretty well by now. If […]

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5 Ways to Overcome the Blogging Slump

You’re a business owner. Not a writer. Blogging for your company may not be a high priority; nor may it come naturally for you. However, you know having a blog on your website helps with marketing efforts and generating leads. Here are five tips to overcome the blogging slump, with examples focused on the accounting […]

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Is Your Marketing Plan Like a Box of Chocolates?

14 Ways to Avoid the Spray-and-Pray Marketing Syndrome You’ve heard it a dozen times, “Life is like a box of chocolates.” However, that’s the last thing you want your marketing efforts to be – a surprise around every corner. Rather, you want to plan your marketing efforts strategically, all year, not just in the non-busy […]

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Is Your Company Set Up For Social Media?

Social media marketing is a recent component of organizations’ integrated marketing communications plans. Having an integrated marketing and communications plan helps to ensure all your marketing efforts are sprinkled throughout your marketing efforts, and align with your goals. Take five minutes to complete the checklist below to make sure you’ve covered all the initial basics […]

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top-4-social-media-marketint-benefits_featured-image Top 4 Social Media Marketing Benefits

Top 4 Social Media Marketing Benefits

A recent Pew Internet study, found that social media users are highly engaged. According to the article, “Social media users are not casual. They’re not likely to log in, check the front page without scrolling and leave. They want to engage, to share and to connect. If something is an integral part of the daily […]

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Content-Marketing-Feature-Image 20 Favorite Marketing Content Formats

20 Favorite Marketing Content Formats

Creating marketing content is time consuming. As a small business owner, non-profit marketer, or CPA, you don’t have the time to keep writing content to draw leads to your site. Here are 20 marketing content types that can help drive traffic to your site, and that don’t take a lot of time to develop. Remember, […]

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