The Secret to Successful Webinars for Novices

Webinar-tips-for-novices_LI-532x266 The Secret to Successful Webinars for Novices

When done well, webinars can be a great resource for your audience and a lead-generation tool for business.

Also, after it’s recorded, it can be shared as a podcast, written as a blog post, or designed as an infographic for sharing on social media and in email.

Here are 10 effective tips for a successful webinar.

  1. Settle on one, specific topic, especially if it’s a 30-minute webinar.
  2. Choose engaging speakers versus monotone speakers.
  3. Identify the format, e.g., multiple speakers in an interview style, a single speaker, or a panel discussion
  4. Consider the topic’s SEO potential. Crafting an engaging and SEO-friendly title will help with people finding your topic.
  5. Inject slides with images and/or graphics; not just text.
  6. Write a script – even for the topics you’re most familiar with. That will be helpful for posting on YouTube in the description field and for creating a blog post after it’s been recorded.
  7. Use a headset microphone or landline phone rather than a computer or cellphone speakers.
  8. Always do a dry run.
  9. Prep the “studio” space for a quiet environment, especially if you work from home or have a noisy office area.
  10. Promote the event at least seven to ten days in advance and share it for weeks after it’s been recorded.

Bonus Tip – How to write a great webinar headline.

When it comes to writing SEO-friendly headlines that generate clicks, use a tool. Here are some free tools you can use to create exciting webinar headlines that generate interest, clicks, and shares for your topic. has a great tool called, what else, Title Generator. Enter your topic and after one click, you’ll be treated to over 700 titles to choose from.

CoSchedule has a headline generator tool that grades the effectiveness of your headline to help drive traffic, shares, and search results.

Here are five headline formulas from GoToMeeting, that might help spark some creativity for you.

  1. 10 Little Known Ways to [blank]
  2. How to do [something awesome] like [someone awesome]
  3. [Interesting topic] 101: Learn How to [blank] Like a Pro
  4. New Data Reveals How [Industry title] Should Be Doing [blank]
  5. The New Trend in [blank] that [someone trustworthy] Swears By

Now that you have the tips, what will your next webinar topic be about?

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