This Productivity Tip Saves Time—Bookmarklets

Time_GreenSand This Productivity Tip Saves Time—Bookmarklets Raise your hand if you could use a little more time in your day.

Here’s one solution that’s making a big splash that might just save you enough time in your day so you can enjoy that cup of coffee while looking out your window instead of at your mobile device.


What is a bookmarklet?

According to Wikipedia, a bookmarklet is a piece of unobtrusive JavaScript that houses a URL for a bookmark. It appears on your browser bar as a word, like “Facebook” and looks like bookmarks in your browser bar.

Nearly all the current/major social networks have one, including:

Google+ doesn’t have one yet, but there are two unofficial ones—to share a webpage and to share content with your circles. If you search for them, you should find them.

That’s not all. You can use bookmarklets to help you curate article lists.  This is especially helpful on your tablet or phone. Readability and Instapaper are two examples.

How does it save time?

Sharing content can be time consuming, especially with the ever-decreasing separation between social and SEO. Bookmarklets allow you to share content with one click, avoiding the tedium of opening multiple browser tabs for each new network, limited panels in social media management tools, or finding a sharing feature on a website.

There are dozens of bookmarklets already in the cyber-sphere. Below is a list of recent articles to help you search for the bookmarklet of your productivity dreams.

Your Turn

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