Top 10 Marketing and Social Media Posts for 2018

Top-10-Marketing-SM-blogs_LI-532x266 Top 10 Marketing and Social Media Posts for 2018

Photo: Neven Krcmarek

Here is a list of our top marketing, social media, and website tips for 2018. Reminisce, take notes, or share these with colleagues, business associations, and anyone who could benefit.

  1. Standardized Email Format Increases Client Engagement: Spend less time writing emails and gaining information from clients by using a standardized email format rather than a “wall of text”. Instead of asking clients what to do next; provide them with the steps they need to take. After all, they look to you for advice and guidance
  2. 3 Fun Ways to Engage Your Social Media Audience: You’ve been using social media efforts at your firm for a while, but just aren’t getting the kind of traction you’d like for your efforts. Here are three ways to engage your social media audience that goes beyond great headlines and blog posts.
  3. Sustaining a Successful B2B Facebook Strategy Post Algorithm Change: Facebook changed its algorithm in January 2018, to suppress even more advertising and organic publishing from companies, with the goal of featuring more content from people’s contacts. What does that mean for small business owners who are using this social media platform to increase engagement, drive traffic, generate leads, and boost sales?
  4. Miss These 2018 Mobile SEO Concepts and Your Site Ranking Could Drop: By now you should know that having a mobile-ready website isn’t just a nice to have; but, is rather a must have. In 2018, the importance of a mobile site will escalate to precede your desktop version. That means your mobile traffic will have more influence of your overall website ranking. How to improve your mobile SEO.
  5. Filler-Up: Content for Those Busy-Season Months: This post is to help you create filler content for your social media feeds that you can use throughout busy season. Think about leadership quotes, humor, and holidays/events for your social media feeds, especially those that can be easily coordinated with an image. Here are some suggestions to help get you started.
  6. No Website SSL Equals Search Ranking Decline and Decreased Client Confidence: If your firm has a website that doesn’t have a secure socket layer (SSL) certificate associated with the domain name, come July your site could face Google’s wrath. It matters because if you have any kind of form on your site, such as a Contact Us or Join Our Mailing list, the site is collecting information from visitors. Without the domain-level SSL, your site is more prone to information theft and is considered less secure than those with an SSL in place.
  7. The SEO Six-Pack for CPAs and Small Business Owners: When it comes to getting your smaller accounting firm found online, you might feel a little like David against Goliath. But, you don’t have to. There are many things you can do to get your firm in the spotlight, just like the big guys. Here are several suggestions you can implement quickly to help increase your SEO impact.
  8. Letterman-Like Top-10 Tax Video You Can Make Yourself: As tax season approaches, consider making your own “Top 10” video and sharing it on your social media channel and in emails to clients; then, adding a link in staff’s email signatures.
  9. 5 Ways Pillar Pages Boost Your SEO Ranking: Just when you thought you had all your website SEO done, along comes pillar pages. Below is an example of how pillar pages work, with topic clusters that support them.
  10. 6 Steps to Accounting Firm Instagram Success: Instagram may be daunting to tackle as part of your firm’s marketing strategy, but many firms have entered the arena. If you’re looking to increase your brand exposure and highlight your firm’s culture, this is the platform to use. Here are some best practices and tips to help get you started.

Which was your favorite from 2018?