Using Pinterest in the Classroom

Pinterest-in-Education-Slidedeck-Cover Using Pinterest in the Classroom  Recently, I taught a course on using Pinterest in the classroom to a group of college professors. They were interested in this relatively new social media platform and were looking for new ways to connect with students on a social media level.

At first, they were skeptical a connection could be made. As we progressed through the course, they found that not only could they use this image-centric platform in the classroom, they could also use it for research and information for themselves. It also allowed them to connect with other instructors in their specialty to brainstorm activities, to create ice breakers, and so much more.

In this slide deck, I:

  • Provide faculty and staff with an understanding of what Pinterest is and how it may be used in the classroom environment.
  • Share a step-by-step implementation plan on setting up a Pinterest board and starting the process
  • Share case studies and examples of educational institutions using Pinterest within the classroom, along with best practices.

If you’re looking for a new way to spice up your classroom using social media tools, view the “Using Pinterst In the Classroom” slide deck.

Also, consider downloading the complementary “Using Pinterest In The Classroom Workbook.”

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