WCC SM Certificate

Below are resources, videos, and content links relevant to the Westchester Community College Social Media Certificate program. This is an evergreen page, which means the content is added, removed, updated throughout the course.

Introductory Guides

Content Development


Create a Company Page

Video Resources

  1. Creating a Content Strategy for Social Media
  2. Creating a Content Calendar and Using It Effectively
  3. What is Social Content Curation vs. Creation
  4. Content Curation with HootSuite Streams
  5. Internal Content Curation
  6. External Content Curation for Social Media
  7. Value of a Business Blogs for Your Content Strategy
  8. Effective Best Practices for Sharing Content
  9. Social Media Strategy Components
  10. Conducting a Social Media Audit
  11. Setting Goals, Objectives, and KPIs
  12. Tactics and Tools to Consider
  13. Brand Persona and Voice
  14. Putting Together a Content Game Plan
  15. Factoring Key Dates and Timing
  16. Budgeting
  17. How to Set Up Roles and Responsibilities
  18. Implementing Social Media Governance
  19. Creating a Crisis Management Plan
  20. The Value of Advertising
  21. Facebook Ad Options
  22. Instagram Ad Options
  23. LinkedIn Ad Options
  24. How to Use Hootsuite Reports
  25. Advocacy Introduction
  26. Advocacy Engaging with Community
  27. Advocacy Engaging with Influencers
  28. Advocacy Leveraging Community
  29. Advocacy Building a Program
  30. Advocacy Grow Your Audience
  31. Advocacy Social Media Contests

Content Best Practices

Advertising Guides

Link Shorteners

  1. Bitly for the best all-round URL shortener
  2. Rebrandly for creating branded links
  3. Polr for a minimal self-hosted URL shortener
  4. TinyURL for fast and anonymous short URLs
  5. BL.INK for small business owners
  6. Hyperlink for tracking links via push notifications
  7. T2M for creating QR codes and short URLs together
  8. URL Shortener by Zapier for automatically creating links
  9. Yourls for a highly customizable self-hosted URL shortener
  10. Shorby for Instagram users