Why aren’t my Facebook employment ads running?

FB-employment-ads-532x266-1 Why aren’t my Facebook employment ads running?

If you are among those whose employment ads have been rejected by Facebook in recent months, even though you’ve run the same ad previously, you’re not alone.

In early 2021, Facebook’s “Social Issues, Elections, or Politics” policy was launched, requiring employment ads to be placed in one of the “social issues” categories.

It’s all in the campaign setup.

If you ran employment ads before 2021, keep that creative if it worked well. The change you need to make is on the campaign setup not at the ad level.

Here’s what you need to do.

  1. Create a new campaign. Avoid using an old one that did not use the Special Category option.
  2. Choose your objective and click Continue.
  3. On the next screen under Special Categories, you must choose Employment from the drop-down list (this is the big, secret step!).
  4. Complete the campaign as normal with ads, etc.
Facebook-special-categories Why aren’t my Facebook employment ads running?

Click the Special Category drop-down arrow.

Facebook-Employment-Ad-Screen Why aren’t my Facebook employment ads running?

Choose the Employment option.

What else?

Targeting is also restricted by location, age and gender restrictions may not be chosen, and interests are limited

Below is an overview. Additional guidelines are on the Facebook Business page.

  • Locations: You can target your ads to people by geographic location (such as country, region, state, province, city, or congressional district), but not by ZIP code. Specific locations you select will include a 15-mile radius around that targeted city, address, or pin-drop. For example, if you want to reach people in the city of Seattle, your audience will also include people within a 15-mile radius of Seattle’s city center.
  • Age: You cannot edit this option. Audiences must include ages 18 through 65+.
  • Gender: You cannot edit this option. Audiences must include all genders.
  • Detailed Targeting: Some demographic, behavior, and interest options are unavailable. Excluding any detailed targeting, selections are also unavailable.
  • Audience Expansion: You cannot use targeting expansion or lookalike expansion options if your campaign is part of a Special Ads Category.

Now that you have the secret to creating employment ads on Facebook, stop pulling your hair out. You’ll need it for your next Zoom meeting.

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