Why your website score is important – and how to find it.

website-grader_TW Why your website score is important – and how to find it.

What’s the score when it comes to websites? Is it important? Do you know yours?

These are frequently asked questions by and of SEO professionals who are helping your site to reach the top of the search rankings. When going into a conversation like this, it’s best to be prepared.

Why is it important?

Remember, search engine rankings are based on algorithms performed by machines, not by humans. So, it’s important to consider the high-ranking criteria needed to meet the algorithmic need to help your site to appear on the first page.

According to Search Engine Land, there are numerous factors that contribute to the ranking, such as these items:

  • Backlinks;
  • Content (quality not quantity);
  • Technical SEO, e.g., page speed and mobile friendliness;
  • User experience, e.g., click-thru rate;
  • Site design; and
  • Content optimization.

In the end, it’s what makes your site visible to the world. If you’re not paying attention, you could be spending a lot of time on a site that’s just not meeting ranking requirements or the search needs of your target market.

How do you find it?

There are many free tools you can use to find your site’s score. Each offers a variety of recommendation reports you can download and provide to your web developer. Use more than one to get a good idea of where your site stands. Here is a short list:

What do you do with results?

Once you get the website score and corresponding recommendations, it’s time to make changes. Work with a professional website developer who can help to make your website get a better grade. Be sure to check the site’s grade about once a quarter, to at least twice per year, to see if the score is improving.

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