How to Write Killer Headlines That Get Read – The Formula

Social-Media-Intern-300x225 How to Write Killer Headlines That Get Read – The Formula Did you know that according to David Ogilvy, on average, headlines are read nearly five times as often as the body copy? That’s a lot of pressure when it comes to creating headlines. Here are some tips, and examples you can use to write headlines that get read, and lead to increased open rates.

  • The six-word headline is ideal; seven-word headlines are okay.
  • How to headlines, like “How to Defer Income and Increase Deductions”
  • Number headlines, such as “5 Charitable Deductions You Can Claim Now”. Tip: Using odd numbers and nothing over 15 works well.
  • Negative headlines, similar to “Don’t Overpay on Your Taxes Again”
  • Question headlines increase interest, like “Do You Know How to Spot a Scam?”

The formula is very important and something you can use for email, blog posts, social media posts, video, and more. It is:

Numbers + Adjective + Target Keyword + Rationale + Promise = Headline

Example: 10 Easy Steps You Can Take Today That Will Improve Your Tax Return

When it comes to writing a headline, knowing the keyword you want to be the focus of the message is important. Keep it in mind and make sure it’s in the headline, because when it comes down to it, the headline may be the only thing someone reads.

Your Turn

What types of headlines have you found work best for your clients?