Top-10-Blog-Posts-532x266-1 Our 2022 Top 10 Blog Posts

Our 2022 Top 10 Blog Posts

In case you missed our 2022 top-ranking blog posts, you can catch them here. 22 Marketing Tips to Implement in 2022 10 July 4th Social Media Ideas for Businesses Blow Up Your Content Reach With This 5-Step Process 11 Email Newsletter Tools Freelancers Swear By Backlinks – Quality Versus Quantity How important are keywords for […]

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LinkedIn-Ad-Tips-532x266-1 LinkedIn Ad Tips from 10 Experts

LinkedIn Ad Tips from 10 Experts

If you’re considering your first LinkedIn ad campaign, you’ll want to read this first. @AdrienneNakohl asked on Twitter, “I’m about to try ads on LinkedIn. What should I know before I publish?” Here are the responses she received from ten marketing and social media experts. 10 Experts Responded It’s expensive, but often it’s (almost) justifiably […]

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blog-title-tag-532x266-1 How to Create a Unique Blog Title Tag in HubSpot

How to Create a Unique Blog Title Tag in HubSpot

Recently a client’s SEO team member questioned my request to put their blogs in HubSpot. He was concerned that they would not be able to have a different title and H1 for the each blog article, which could impact their SEO–a legitimate concern. I was able to alleviate his concern by offering this advice. How […]

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GA4-Reports-532x266-1 Setting Up GA4 Reports

Setting Up GA4 Reports

If you’re wondering how to get the same data in your GA4 reports that you had in your UA reports, it takes a bit of patience and thinking to make it happen. Also, you may not be able to recreate the data as you saw in the your old reports. Plus, currently, you cannot schedule […]

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campaigns GA4 Campaigns Report

GA4 Campaigns Report

Are you running Google Ads or other campaigns you want to track in GA4 reports? It’s not straight forward. That’s why I created this custom report you can use to view specific campaign data. How to create a custom GA4 Campaigns Report. This report is for Google Ads or other campaigns. From the left navigation […]

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content-report GA4 Content by Pages Report

GA4 Content by Pages Report

Viewing your website analytics each month (or more often!) helps you determine what your audience is reading and responding to. Even if you’re using a CRM, having a custom GA4 Content by Pages Report can help you make content development decisions going forward. Here’s how to create a custom GA4 Content by Pages Report. This […]

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