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In our initial rollout of HubSpot, we realized we needed an expert to instruct our team in order to get the adoption rate as high as possible. Becky provided our team with training materials including live tutorials, short video clips, and a slide deck to cover all of the basis. We did a three-part series with Becky and the team felt it was extremely beneficial. Becky's guidance and expertise was extremely valuable and greatly contributed to the success of our HubSpot rollout.

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Marketing Supervisor website

I have been working with Becky for the last two years on our website updates and improving our SEO. Because of Becky's work, the users to our website increased over 100% after 6 months. Becky is an exceptional consultant – creating relevant reports using google analytics, making sure that our SEO is enhanced and offering phenomenal advice on challenging accounting issues. Becky is the rare consultant that actually has worked in the trenches as a marketing director at an accounting firm so she understands the marketing's role in the profession. It is a pleasure to work with Becky. Becky is the BEST!

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Jill Lock

Marketing Manager website

Our team really enjoyed this morning's workshop! Becky is a wonderful presenter! We appreciated her providing thoughtful, sector-specific examples and engaging conversation. We hope to work with her again in the soon for our instructional staff.

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Human Resources Manager website

When we finally decided to take a more deliberate and measured approach to social media marketing and advertising, we hit the jackpot with Becky and here’s why - she listened carefully to our needs, our constraints, and our goals. Then by asking the right questions and with just the right amount of educating… she brought clarity and shaped a strategic program that proved effective in getting us where we want to be. Becky is fluent across the platforms and managed and monitored our program for us, easily and effectively navigating the convoluted workings of each. Though independent, Becky quickly became a valued member of our team, providing analysis, executive summaries, and solid, data-driven recommendations for tweaks and changes. Always prepared, all ways responsive and she never made us feel inadequate or ignorant, though truthfully we were swimming in foreign waters and would have drowned without her guidance, expertise, and contributions. She brings a depth of expertise, experience, and know-how to the table....and there is more -- perhaps the best part of working with Becky - - she brings a positive, friendly and winning spirit, making everyone comfortable and in turn making our meetings and interactions all the more productive and quite frankly, fun. Regardless of technical expertise, those interpersonal qualities are not a given, yet they can make all the difference throughout an engagement. Becky's the real deal and brings the whole package.

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James Cunningham

VP Communication & Change Management website

The class was a positive experience and the instructor excellent. Ms. Livingston's topic knowledge and down-to-earth approach made the class sessions fly by. I especially enjoyed the homework assignments and the final project. I would have liked another two weeks in order to delve more into the topic of analytics. Perhaps one of the most valuable takeaways was the awareness of the time and creative demands to keep a social marketing program current. Thank you for the opportunity to take the class. I will follow up this electronic feedback with a call to the continuing education department. Becky is so knowledgeable and informed on the topic. You can tell it’s what she is passionate about doing and she finds ways to present the information in a fun and playful way! I would definitely recommend this class to folks. Becky Livingston is an exceptional instructor. She is highly knowledgeable, funny, and knows how to tune-in to adult learners. What I especially appreciated was how encouraging she was to a gaggle of students who were oftentimes unsure of their grasp of the subject matter. She let us know we were further along than we gave ourselves credit. I'd recommend this course to anyone wanting to demystify the details of social media marketing. Becky is "the real deal". Becky is an amazing instructor! I was thoroughly engaged during each class and her instruction made me more interested in social media marketing. I would definitely take any other classes that Becky Livingston is running!!!!!!

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Bergen Community College

Social Media Certificate Instructor website

Becky is a great marketing advisor. She not only posts things for us on social media, but also comes up with ideas for improving our campaigns as well. She is pleasant to deal with and is extremely knowledgeable. There are a number of firms who claim to be social media experts for the accounting profession, but Becky is truly the expert.

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Michael Febrey, CPA

Owner website

Becky has been key to us increasing the thought leadership our firm presents to the market. She takes the time to carefully research each topic we give her and is able to pull the important information out of our experts. She can make an extremely technical subject understandable.

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Brian, Brady Ware & Company

Marketing & Business Development Director website

Becky was very generous with her knowledge and experience when she was presenter for our webinar on pay-per-click advertising for LinkedIn. Due to her content and level of details for the presentation, our members were very engaged and asked a lot of great questions. The organization and pace of her presentation were spot-on as well. I would highly recommend Becky as a presenter for a webinar or an in-person event.

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Rosa, PKF North America

Director website

I recently read this insight by Becky Livingston on CPA Practice Advisor, "How to Leverage Chatbots in your Firm’s Marketing." The insight was simply brilliant given the fact that it directly touches chatbots with CX (Customer Experience).

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Shazia Ahmed

AnswerDash Inc. website

Becky is amazing. She is very knowledgeable and helpful. Class in engaging and easy to follow. She gives great resources and samples to follow and to learn how to do social media successfully.

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Amazing Instructor

BCC Social Media Certificate Student

The class was great! The instructor, Becky Livingston, is clearly very knowledgeable in the field and has a terrific personality for teaching it. She is very funny and makes the class enjoyable.

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Terrific Personality for Teaching

BCC Social Media Certificate Student

Becky will arrive with an arsenal of knowledge and experience, cape not included! I had the honor of attending a course she was teaching where she single-handedly wrestled my skepticism from my clutches, making me laugh all the while! Her expertise is exemplary, but her ability to communicate her wisdom is a gift. Somebody design this woman a cape!"

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Enlightening and Engaging Speaker

Continuing Education Student

"Becky had simple, classic, readable designs that stood out and got our message across right away. She was responsive, thorough, and professional —super easy to work with."

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Dallas, Animal Rights Coalition

Owner website

"I am an owner of a small business. Penheel Marketing has helped my business succeed with advertising both online and in face-to-face interactions with customers. I plan on using their services in the future because when I work with Penheel Marketing I know I am going to get the attention I need an the projects will be completed on schedule. A finished project always leaves me impressed. The end result always exceeds my initial expectations and, most importantly, brings in more customers to my business."

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Carolyn, Sleepy Cat Jewelry

Owner website

"The Volunteer Center of Bergen County is always happy to have the expertise of Becky Livingston and Penheel Marketing. Becky has taught classes in our Nonprofit Training and Resources Program and recently presented a corporate track workshop for us at the New Jersey's Governor's Conference on Volunteerism and Service. Comments from participants in teh session include "Becky is so refreshing and a great public speaker." and "Great! Becky certainly practices what she preaches —wonderful storyteller," and "Very interesting & engaging! Loved the humor used."

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Tess, Volunteer Center of Bergen County

Marketing Manager website

“I have been very pleased with the help that Penheel Marketing has given our organization. Becky has helped Texas Humane Heroes successfully use Google Adwords advertising to increase community awareness and gather sign ups for our fundraising 5K event. Becky sends regular update and tracking reports, provides recommendations for campaign improvement, and explains each step.”

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Ron, Texas Humane Heroes

Owner website
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