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2 Instagram Hacks You Wish You Knew Sooner

If your accounting firm is using Instagram in its social media mix, these two hacks could be a game changer.

  1. Pinned posts and reel
  2. Instagram Notes

What are Instagram pinned posts and reels?

You can choose up to three posts or reels to “pin” (or feature) at the top of your firm’s Instagram profile. They appear there until you remove the pin manually or you replace them with another pin.

How do you pin Instagram posts and reels?

From your phone, open the Instagram app. When on your profile screen:

  • Scroll through your posts and reels to identify the items you want to feature.
  • Identify a post/reel you want, then tap it to open it.
  • Click the three-dot menu in the upper-right corner and select Pin to Your Profile.
  • Go back to your profile to ensure it’s been pinned. You’ll see a white pin icon in the post’s upper-right corner.

The pinned items will be the first three items in your profile. Any new posts will appear on the profile after them.

To unpin a post, reverse the process. Go to the pinned post, click the three-dot menu, and choose the unpin option.

Note: If you have posted a reel and chose not to add it to your profile, you won’t be able to pin it. It must be part of your profile grid to pin it.

Here is an example.

instagram-pinned-posts-900x350-1 2 Instagram Hacks You Wish You Knew Sooner

When to pin a post or reel.

Pin posts and reels to align with high-profile marketing initiatives, such as when you are:

  • Opening registrations for a webinar or event,
  • Promoting an eBook, downloadable, or whitepaper,
  • Announcing a new service, product, or office opening,
  • Sharing new office hours, e.g., busy season, or media coverage, or accolades,
  • Drawing attention to new regulations, tax credits, or initiatives,
  • Highlighting a community service event, or
  • Offering a special offer, discount, or limited-time promotion.

Bonus Tips

  1. Pinning client testimonials each quarter is a good way to keep your brand visible. Consider pulling a key quote, highlighting it in the image, and changing the background each quarter to make it look new. To help boost that post, you could add the company or person’s handle that provided the quote in the post description.  
  2. Pin user-generated content—content others provide to you—can give followers a better sense of how customers already feel about your firm. It can also help build brand trust and authenticity. This works well with video reels, especially at college events.

What are Instagram notes?

Instagram notes are a low-key way to get follower’s attention in the app. Think of them like sticky notes in follower’s inboxes.

They are short, 60-character messages that you share with followers or “close friends” on Instagram. They disappear after 24 hours, which makes them very timely.

How to Create an Instagram Note

  1. From your phone (this isn’t available on the desktop app), open Instagram.
  2. Tap on the inbox icon in the top right corner
  3. Click on the box at the top left corner that says “+ Leave a Note”
  4. Type your 60-character messages
  5. Select your audience and hit the “Share” button

When followers view the note, they can reply to it through direct messages (DMs), which gives you a chance to chat with them.

When and why would I use Instagram notes?

Here are some reasons why you would use Instagram notes:

  • Convey an important message quickly
  • Stimulate conversation with your audience
  • Drive traffic to your site with a call to action
  • Gain visibility compared to regular posts, stories, or reels

Consider using them when you want to:

  • Remind clients of a deadline.
  • Share a new regulation impacting an industry or service.
  • Promote an event.
  • Announce a new office location, change in hours, or service.
  • Ask them a leading question.
  • Engage them in a more detailed conversation through DM.
  • Request a testimonial or Google Review based on something they said on a call or in a meeting.


  • Retirement bucket list: Stop working by 60.
  • What’s your biggest accounting pain point?
  • Breaking News! Mileage Rate Increases to $0.67
  • Longer Office Hours in Tax Season: 7:30 am – 6:30 pm
  • Celebrating 25 years in business. Stop by for a treat!
  • Joe Smith, Partner & CPA is retiring. Wish him well.
  • Did you know bubble gum was invented by an accountant?
  • Accounting Trivia: The FBI employs over 2000 accountants.

If you haven’t been using either of these Instagram hacks, now’s the time. See if they help with engagement, generating leads, increasing brand awareness, and ultimately, making clients even happier with your firm.

Need help with our Instagram account, reach out to us. We specialize it social media for accountants, bookkeepers, and CPAs.

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