5 B2B Black Friday and Cyber Monday Promo Ideas

B2B-black-friday_LI-532x266 5 B2B Black Friday and Cyber Monday Promo Ideas

The holidays are coming. You know what that means. Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals. But, what can a B2B company do to get in on the frenzy?

If meeting your revenue goals are on your mind, try a promotion that encourages larger-than-normal purchases in order to obtain the reward. Here’s an example. If you bundle services, consider creating a three-column promotion that let’s leads and clients choose services from column A and column B and then get something free.

Accounting Firm Example

Black-Friday-accounting-promo 5 B2B Black Friday and Cyber Monday Promo Ideas

Here are four additional ways to promote your services at these peak holiday shopping times.

  1. Present a limited-time-only promotion for a free consultation, webinar, or demo.
  2. Offer a free ebook, tip sheet, how to, quick tip, or software demo for your niche, e.g., Excel and QuickBooks tips are easy videos to create and are popular for accountants to share.
  3. Create an additional bonus, such as BOGO (buy one get one) promotion for a service you provide, such as request one graphic design project, get a second of equal value for free.
  4. If you’re already promoting something during this time, add #BlackFriday or #CyberMonday hashtags to the social media posts, and/or put the text (not hashtags) in ad copy or email subject lines.

Your goals is to make your target market and/or clients feel like they are getting more than what they expect for their money.

Now that you have some ideas, what promotion(s) will you run?

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