9 Busy Season Accounting Blog Topics

Planning_LI 9 Busy Season Accounting Blog Topics

What are you waiting for? Busy season is just around the corner.

Here are some fun topics for you and your staff that you can start stockpiling now. By getting staff input, your content is unique, even if another firm has a similar story.

9 Blog Topics for Busy season

Here is a list to help get you started. Download the complimentary infographic to keep ideas handy.

September: What do football and accounting have in common? Plans, plays, strategy, and more come to mind. Think of some fun ways your staff can provide ideas for this one. Maybe if there was a fantasy accounting league, who would be in it and why? Here is a nice example from Money Watch, “What Business Leaders Can Learn About Strategy From the NFL.” This is also back-to-school month. Featuring tax breaks for families is a nice alternative.

October: It’s all about the scariest and strangest stories, right? Feature some the most horrifying client questions you’ve ever received – without naming names of course.

November: Giving thanks is common during this month. Consider sharing stories about your firm’s community service projects, or tax breaks for helping charities.  You could ask the staff to share their most memorable “giving back” moment. As an alternative, consider sharing “thankful” quotes throughout the month on social media. Pictures will be helpful.

December: During this month, focus on year-end tax planning, gift-giving and its tax breaks, and estate planning for families. This is a busy month for people. So, checklists, quick tips, top 5’s, and a short video are great to share.

January: Resolutions are big this month. Help people with financial planning and budgeting tips, money and investing checklists, and how to’s. Ask the staff, “If you could give your younger self one money tip, what would it be?” Then post those as a video clip (if they’ll be on the video even better!), as a blog article, or quotes, which can easily be made into a video using Keynote, throughout the month.

February: Ah, the “love” month. Ask clients to share testimonials about “What do you love about working with us?” Avoid using their full name, rather use a first name and town or just a first name. Another topic might be about getting married and the tips you need to know before tying the knot, such as financial planning, estate planning, budgeting, savings, retirement, etc. You could ask the staff, “What do you wish you knew about estate / financial planning before you got married?”

March: It’s a lucky month for some. Feature stories about lucky tax breaks and lucky refunds. Here’s a great example from Intuit, “Get Refund Lucky with These Top 8 Tax Deductions & Credits.” Consider how to write one for business owners and one for individuals.

April: Tax month! But there’s more to it than that. Ask your team to contribute to the top 10 reasons why you shouldn’t wait until the last minute to file your taxes. Maybe a story about “April Showers Bring May Tax Refunds,” and feature the five, best ways to use refund dollars.

May and June: Mother’s and Father’s Day months. Ask your team, “What’s the best financial advice you received from your mom/dad?” Post their responses as a blog, but better yet, capture the moment on video. Share each video on separate days early in the month or as one clip with the responses.

Now that you have a plan, let’s get cracking.

Need Help?

If you need help, give me a ring. I write blogs for many accounting firms and several publications in the profession. I’d be happy to help you build these out this fall.

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