st-patricks-day-1024x536 7 Simple St. Patrick’s Day Content Ideas for CPAs

7 Simple St. Patrick’s Day Content Ideas for CPAs

St. Patrick’s Day is right around the corner.

Rather than sharing a nice quote or fun beer-related image on St. Patrick’s Day, here are seven alternatives you can whip up quickly instead.

7 St. Patrick’s Day Content Ideas

Green Themed Financial Tips

Create a series of “green” (money-related) financial tips that play on the St. Patrick’s Day theme. Share these tips on your social media platforms, blog, or email newsletters. Topics could include saving for retirement, reducing debt, or tax-saving strategies.

St. Patrick’s Day Blog Series

Create a blog series focused on financial luck, wealth management, and tax planning, tying in the St. Patrick’s Day theme. Topics could include “Finding Your Financial Four-Leaf Clover: Tips for Diversifying Your Investment Portfolio” or “Avoiding Pots of Fool’s Gold: Common Financial Pitfalls to Avoid.” These articles can position your firm as a thought leader in the financial industry while engaging readers with timely, themed content.

Themed Email Campaign

Send out a St. Patrick’s Day-themed email campaign to your client list. This can include well-wishes, a brief update on tax season, lottery winning tax tips, how gold is recorded on a balance sheet, accounting golden rules for business owners, and tips from parents that were good as gold.

Educational Webinar

Host a free, themed webinar around St. Patrick’s Day focusing on financial health, tax tips, or investment strategies. Promote it as a way to get “luckier” with finances in the year ahead.

Office Decoration and Dress Code

Decorate your office with St. Patrick’s Day decor and encourage staff to wear green. Share photos on your social media to show your firm’s festive spirit and humanize your brand.

Client Appreciation Gifts

Send small, themed gifts to your top clients. This could be something simple like a box of chocolates with a green ribbon, a shamrock plant, or custom cookies. Include a thank-you note expressing appreciation for their business.

Financial Luck Infographic

Create an infographic that details “How to Get Financially Lucky” with tips on saving, investing, and managing money wisely. Share it on your website and social media platforms.

Now, aren’t you lucky to have these seven tips?

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