SEO for CPAs: The Accountant’s Handbook

SEO-Book-Cover-231x300 SEO for CPAs: The Accountant’s Handbook
Available in PDF version only.

Why Every Accountant Needs This Handbook

  • As your tax & accounting business grows, and your website plays a larger role in bringing in new business, and search engine optimization (SEO) becomes more critical every day.
  • SEO is among the best ways to stand out from your competition. Most Internet users won’t look past the first page of search results, so if you don’t rank highly, your website and your firm could be overlooked by potential clients.
  • Knowing your client’s persona is key when implementing SEO techniques. You don’t want to choose the wrong keywords. Or, if your site is poorly designed, you may find leads from industries or segments that are a waste of time.
  • SEO gives small firms and independent practitioners the ability to compete with bigger firms.
  • In fact, 51% of all website traffic comes from organic search, 10% from paid search, 5% for social, and 34% from all other sources.

The best thing is: There’s no budget involved. Just a time and energy.

What’s in this Handbook?

SEO for CPAs was written with basic and advanced techniques any size firm can begin using immediately. In this book, I:

  • Reveal the practice-proven SEO tips, tools, and strategies that are landing new business in CPA firms today.
  • Share tips on how to use SEO on your website, on images, and in social media.
  • Provide an SEO template to help you begin finding the right keywords for your firm and the process you can use to implement it within days.
  • Detail the reporting metrics you can use to determine ROI.

This book delivers the tools you can use to increase search recognition for your brand, including:

  • Gaining insight into being found online;
  • Conducting research to find the right keywords for your business;
  • Implementing the keywords once you find them; and
  • Leveraging social media to increase reach, engagement with your target market, and new business leads.

You’ll get SEO techniques you can begin putting into place today to gain search rankings tomorrow.

What are you waiting for? Let’s get moving!

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