AI-seo-532x266-1 Can an AI tool help me rank higher on search engines?

Can an AI tool help me rank higher on search engines?

A client sent me a marketing message from a company stating “Our product can help you optimize your site so that it appears higher in Google’s search results.”

She wanted to know if the statement was true?

I replied, not in and of itself.

Here’s why.

AI optimization tools can review your website’s existing content for keywords and meta tags for that specific content. It will identify the ranking term and even write an SEO-focused meta description for the content. However, it might not be the keyword you want to rank for.

Here’s an example.

I entered my blog post Stay Ahead of the Curve: Top AI Applications for Accounting CMOs and CGOs, into ChatGPT.

I asked it to “identify the  best keyword phrase and write an SEO-optimized meta description for that article.”

Here’s what it came up with.

To identify the best keyword phrase for the article, it’s important to consider the target audience and the main topic of the content. Based on the given blog post example, “construction accounting” seems to be a relevant keyword phrase.

Here’s an SEO-optimized meta description for the article:

Meta Description: Discover the importance of accurate construction accounting for managing cash flow. Learn how recordkeeping, forecasting, and monitoring contribute to financial stability in the construction industry.

In this meta description, the keyword phrase “construction accounting” is included, along with related terms like “managing cash flow,” “recordkeeping,” “forecasting,” and “financial stability.” This helps to provide a concise overview of the article’s content and makes it more relevant for search engine optimization (SEO) purposes.

The Fail

The article incorporates a construction accounting example, but the article is not about construction accounting. Therefore, the meta description nor keyword are right for this article.

The actual meta description is “Discover ten top AI applications and five strategic efforts for a seat at the table for CMOs and CGOs in the accounting industry.” And it’s keyword phrase is “top ai applications.” The phrase is also mentioned in the blog title, the image file name, and in the post’s URL. Ticking off the top-five best places to incorporate target phrases for SEO impact.

I also tested it with this article. ChatGPT responded with, “Your analysis is correct. While AI optimization tools can assist in identifying keywords and generating SEO-focused meta descriptions, they are not foolproof and may not always produce the desired results. The example you provided demonstrates the limitations of relying solely on AI tools for search.”

How about that.

My Recommendation

This is one, of many instances, when AI does not outperform humans. Humans know what the content is about and what your firm’s target market and goals are.

If you are considering leveraging a tool like this for your website, it’s best to use it to generate content based on your target market, industry focus, goals, and keyword ranking factors. Otherwise, it could lead you down a path you don’t want to be on.

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