branding-532x266-1 4 Crucial Components for Every Brand

4 Crucial Components for Every Brand

Starting a company, rebranding an existing one, or merging with another? A branding strategy is a marketing tactic designed to build reputation, brand loyalty, and brand awareness among customers, which in turn drives sales. In the modern marketplace, brands command a considerable amount of investment both in time and money. While some of them perform […]

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5 Ways to Stand Out On LinkedIn

Want to stand out among the more than 500,000 LinkedIn members? Here are five actions you can take to help increase your search ranking factor on this business-focused, social media platform. Download and share the infographic (image file) or PDF for quick reference. Use Industry Keywords: In the “Professional Summary” portion of your profile, use […]

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Hashtag How To

How do you find the right hashtags for your brand and/or content? I get asked that question a lot in the social media and marketing courses I teach. Here are some tips and resources you can use to find the right hashtags to increase reach, grow your brand, and to generate leads. Research a hashtag […]

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Hold the Door – 12 GoT Characters and Their Brand Archetypes

As a marketer, it’s important to not only understand your brand but to also know how that brand interacts with customers to build relationships. There are 12 brand identities, or archetypes, your business can assume. To make this a little more fun, let’s align those archetypes with “Game of Thrones” characters. Syrio Forel – The […]

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3 Fun Ways to Announce Your Brand to the World

Your firm is announcing a brand change, whether that’s a logo update, website revision, or big, corporate ta do. Here are a few, fun ways to get clients and social media followers involved. Scavenger or Treasure Hunts Provide clients and social media followers with a series of clues they can find answers to on your […]

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Instagram_Firms_LI Instagram for the Forward-Thinking Firm

Instagram for the Forward-Thinking Firm

Instagram is a hot social media platform, with over 400 million daily users, of which, 80 percent come from outside of the U.S., according to Omnicore. They also state that 59 percent of internet users between the ages of 18 and 29 and 33 percent of internet users between the ages of 30 and 49 […]

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