boring-blog-532x266-1 Is your blog boring? Spruce it up with these ideas.

Is your blog boring? Spruce it up with these ideas.

Blogging is exhausting. There I said it. When stumped for blog ideas, where do you turn?

Here are five resources I use to inspire my creative juices.

  1. Pinterest has dozens of blog idea list infographics.
    1. Boss Girl Bloggers’ 100 Ideas
    2. 16 Genius Tips to help you decide what to blog about
    3. 71 Catchy Blog Title Ideas & Inspiration
    4. 100 Blog Post Ideas & How to Get Inspired with a Writer’s Block
    5. Top 30 Blog Post Ideas For The Lifestyle Bloggers
  2. Answer the Public helps you discover what people are asking. Review the questions and answer them in your blog.
  3. Search engine lists provide the top search phrases people have found about a topic. It may be geographically relevant and impacted by your search history. So, use a private/incognito browsing window when searching for ideas.
  4. Trending topics – For example, the new series House of the Dragon will air in August. I repurposed a blog post about branding archetypes and the Game of Thrones characters and tied it to the #HouseoftheDragon hashtag.
  5. Emails clients send or questions asked on social media related to my industry.

Where to find trending topics?

I use a variety of resources to find trending topics for my blog and my clients’ content, including:

  • Twitter trends and other social media platform trends
  • Google and Bing Trends
  • Any news channel
  • Keyword research tools like SEMRush, Google Ads, Google Search Console, KeywordTool.io, and more

If you seek more keyword research tools, Backlinko shared the 15 Best Keyword Research Tools for SEO [2022 Reviews].

What are some of the resources you use?

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