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9 Best Uses for B2B QR Codes

A client recently asked me what she could do with the new QR code? She wanted to put it on her website, but the code linked to the home page of the site. I said, that wouldn’t be very helpful. So, I gave her the following recommendations.

2 Types of QR Codes

According to QRCode Tiger, a Quick Response (QR) code is a 2D barcode that contains any kind of information that can redirect scanners to online information. These codes are accessed using a smartphone device.”

Did you know there are two types of QR codes—static and dynamic. Static codes are hard coded and usually link to specific information; oh, and the link doesn’t change.

Dynamic codes often link to webpages, but are not limited to just that. They can also lead to a coupon, event page, PDF, or text message. The link’s content can change without requiring a new link.

Create a QR Code in 4, Easy Steps

Okay, you’re sold. You want to use a QR code in your company’s marketing initiatives. Great! Here’s how you can create one.

  1. Visit qr-code-generator.com
  2. Enter the URL of the page you want to link.
  3. Choose your code’s frame, shape, and color
  4. Click “Download”

Where to use QR Codes

As an accounting firm marketer, you may wonder where to share this newly-creating code. Here are nine suggestions.

  1. Social Media posts when appropriate
  2. Conference name badges
  3. Electronic business cards and LinkedIn profiles for partners and sales staff
  4. Professional business listings, like Chamber of Commerce, State Society profiles, State Licensing profile
  5. Google My Business listing
  6. Recruiting social media
  7. Online ads (it can be part of an image)
  8. Social media company banners (in the corner)
  9. Any print materials with a short life span, such as product/service promotion, limited-run postcards & mailers, volunteer media like t-shirts/hats/etc.

How are you using QR codes in your B2B marketing initiatives? I’d love to hear your ideas.

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