Google-Ads-GPT_Lists-532x266-1 This Google Ad Writing Hack Will Blow Your Mind

This Google Ad Writing Hack Will Blow Your Mind

In this post, I show you how to use the Google GPT extension to craft Google Ad headlines and descriptions with ease. This hack can save you tons of time.

In this short video, I demonstrate how to leverage a list of finalized keywords to craft relevant Google Ad headlines and descriptions for your PPC ad campaign using Chrome’s GPT extension.

Here are the steps.

  1. Using the Chrome Browser, login to your Gmail account.
  2. If you haven’t loaded the GPT extension on your browser, do that first.
    1. It’s free https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/chatgpt-for-google/jgjaeacdkonaoafenlfkkkmbaopkbilf
    2. Once loaded, go to step 3.
  3. Open a new Sheet and change the title from “Untitled Sheet” to a more relevant title.
  4. From the top navigation menu, click Extensions > GPT for Sheets and Docs > Launch Sidebar.
  5. In the first column, enter the keywords from which to create headlines and descriptions.
  6. Skip a row.
  7. Enter a prompt into a new cell. Something like write 5 google ad descriptions.
  8. In the next cell, use the =GPT_List function to create the headlines. The function will look like this =GPT_List(a11,A1:10), where A11 is the prompt location, and the array is the keyword cells).
  9. Click enter.
  10. You should see “loading…” in the cell. Once the descriptions are written, do the same process for headlines.
    1. In a new blank cell, enter the prompt write 5 google ad headlines < 30 characters.
    2. In another blank cell, enter the formula =GPT_List(a#,A#:a#) – the number (#) is the referenced cell).
    3. Click Enter.

Now that you have headlines and descriptions, you can add a length field to make sure they meet the ad requirements of < 90 characters for descriptions and < 30 characters for headlines. The length formula is =Len(cell#), e.g, =Len(a12).

Once you have the list you like, you can share the file with others or store it for future use.

Mind blown!

Remember, AI tools are meant to help us be more productive and are meant not replace strategic thinking. Use these tools as a reference point, creativity tool, and resource. But avoid relying on them as your be-all-end-all solution.

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