Turn Your Holiday Marketing Into A High-Performing Machine

holiday-marketing-plan_LI-532x266 Turn Your Holiday Marketing Into A High-Performing Machine

Holiday marketing might not be on your list of tasks right now, but in a few months it will be. Here are several tips you can use now to prepare and have your holiday B2B marketing campaign ready to bring in new clients now and well into the new year.


  1. Create a Trick-or-Treat campaign for charity. The event would require attendees to bring a trick, such as puzzles or games, or treats for the local food pantry or children’s hospital. Host the event at your office or local business client’s office before the Halloween rush. What would participants get in return? A helpful year-end, tax-planning checklist plus tax preparation coupon.
  2. On your blog, share scary tax or audit stories you’ve heard from the previous tax season. Avoid naming clients or businesses in the blog article and focus on the issues and remedies instead.
  3. Update social media banners on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter accounts by adding a scary theme to them. For example, a red or orange overlay to a black and white image, “creepy” fonts for text other than brand names and logos, or a skeleton finger pointing to a call-to-action button. See examples below.

somethings-brewing Turn Your Holiday Marketing Into A High-Performing Machine

Trick-or-treat-for-charity-2 Turn Your Holiday Marketing Into A High-Performing Machine


  1. Create a thank you video campaign set to “thank you” music showcasing staff taking a bow, making hand hearts, holding signs, and/or holding up glasses in celebration. Share the video on your company social media channels and in email.
  2. Host a service day of the week during this month to give back to your community or a charity of choice. Document the “why” you’ve done the campaign and share how you support the effort all year long.
  3. Develop a holiday-themed social media posting schedule featuring how-to’s, best practices, tying year-end up in a bow, etc.
  4. Send a customer thank-you gift or at least email thanking them for their business.
  5. Update social media banners with a holiday-themed image and/or thank you message. Add a call to action for a service line, event you’re hosting, or video you’re sharing.


  1. Create a “gift certificate” for clients to share with friends and family for future services.
  2. Cross-promote your services with other businesses in the community, especially if they are volunteer related.
  3. Begin sharing January information for tax-planning webinar or event registration tips and preparation.
  4. Prepare social media and email efforts for busy season.

Now’s the time to start thinking about the holidays, even if you’re not ready. What will marketing plan look like this holiday season?

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