Thanksgiving-B2B-Marketing-Menu-532x266-1 Your Thanksgiving B2B Marketing Menu

Your Thanksgiving B2B Marketing Menu

There’s still time, but not much, to create a Thanksgiving B2B marketing campaign that will have them asking for seconds. Here is what you’ll need along with examples.


1 Campaign objective
1 Freebie
1 Landing page
1 Headline
2-3 Bullet points
1 Call to action
1 Image or video
1-4 Form fields
Sprinkle in some emotion
Dash of humor (optional)


  1. Take the objective and determine what the freebie will be to help you reach that goal. It could be a webinar registration for a friend, a coupon, or downloadable, etc.
  2. Create a landing page with the headline, a few bullet points, a graphic, and one call to action. Avoid making the form too complicated. The more fields, the less likely visitors will complete it.
  3. Sprinkle in some emotion (fear, surprise, anger, trust joy, etc.)
  4. Add a dash of humor when appropriate.
  5. A/B split test versions by swapping a headline, call to action, color, or graphic.


Present the final campaign to your audience via email, social media, paid ads, as a promotional slide in a webinar, on your YouTube channel, and in your email signature.

CPA Example

  • Goal: Increase registrations for an upcoming webinar
  • Freebie: Checklist
  • Landing Page: See the example

Small Business Example

  • Goal: Increase sales
  • Freebie: Promo Code / Discount
  • Landing Page: See the example

Now that you have examples, what will you be cooking up this Thanksgiving?

Landing-Page-CPA-example Your Thanksgiving B2B Marketing Menu

Landing-Page-Small-Biz-Example Your Thanksgiving B2B Marketing Menu

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