12-holiday-campaigns_LI 12 Holiday Marketing Campaigns for Businesses

12 Holiday Marketing Campaigns for Businesses

It’s nearly year-end and you want to go out with a bang. Here’s how you can make a holiday message that keeps on giving well into the new year.

Plan a holiday campaign that is launched throughout the month and provides tips, gifts, and discounts your clients can use. Focus on fun and festive message imagery with clever copy. Here are 12 ideas. Download the infographic to keep this list handy.

  1. New Traditions. Encourage clients to make a new tradition that focuses on budgeting for the holidays. Provide them with some tips using a subject line like “Yule Adore These Tips!” Image tip – exhausted shopper.
  2. Send a Message. Invite clients to make (or donate) holiday-themed decorations for the less fortunate in your area.
  3. Wrap it Up. Host a gift-wrapping party. Collect gift donations for children. Wrap the gifts. Then donate the gifts to hospitals and local charities.
  4. It’s a party. Consider a “block” party in your building or town. Invite local business pros to your event – consider giveaways or a charitable angle to the event. It’s a great way to provide those who work near you with insight into what your business does.
  5. Host an 8- or 12-Day Giveaway. Create an email campaign that is sent to clients. Each day the client has an opportunity to “win” something from the firm. The prizes could range from swag, a highlight in your next newsletter, a banner ad on your site, a free webinar, or even a discount.
  6. Spruce it Up. If you’re running PPC campaign, adding holiday-related terms could help increase exposure during the gift-giving month. Search Google Trends to see what holiday-related terms are trending in your geography. When you combine those with a service line or product, it’s like a gift to you.
  7. Share the Wealth. Buy a few boxes of cards and send them to the local retirement community. Ask the facility for people’s first names and have staff sign cards for delivery prior to the holidays.
  8. Favorite Recipe. The holidays bring out recipes that have long-standing traditions. Ask staff and clients to send in their best recipes to create a recipe book for sale in the spring. Then have the proceeds donated to the food pantry in your area.
  9. Thinking of You. If you have a Facebook or Instagram page, ask staff and clients to share their favorite memory about the holidays, including photos and / or video will make the post memorable. Be sure to use a firm-specific hashtag, such as #[firmname] #Holiday to help track engagement.
  10. Wow, That’s Ugly. Challenge another small business to an “ugly sweater contest.” Have social media fans vote. It’s a win-win for both companies.
  11. Update It. Update your website and social media cover images to a holiday theme. If you’re really feeling excited about the holidays, create several of them and switch them out throughout the month.
  12. Put a bow on it. Create a referral campaign. Ask existing clients to share the promotion—offering them 10 percent off their next service if they do it and their referral signs on.

The holidays can be a stressful time. My recommendation is to pick one, maybe two, of these items and run with it. Own it. Love it. And make it special. Then tell us about your campaign and the success it brought you.

Happy Holidays!

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