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10 Cyber Safety Social Media Guidelines

If you’re writing your company’s social media guidelines, first – good for you! Second, remember to add some cyber security tips to help employees avoid hacks and threats.

Social Media Hacking Stats

If these stats do not scare you into including some safety tips in your social media guidelines, I don’t know what will.

  • Cyber crimes on social media platforms account for $3.25 Billion in annual global revenue. (Source: Rexxfield)
  • Nearly 30 attempts to takeover corporate social networking accounts occur per year for each institution (roughly 3 per month).
  • 11% of Social media users have deleted their accounts due to privacy concerns. (Source: Thrivemyway)

10 Tips

Cyber hacks and threats have been on the rise (have you noticed?). Incorporating some cyber safety best practices in your social media guidelines is a good way to refresh employees knowledge, and to cover your butt if something goes awry. Here are 10 tips from Hootsuite you might choose from.

  1. Choose strong passwords
  2. Use a different password for every social account
  3. Don’t use the same passwords for your corporate accounts
  4. Use two-factor (or multi-factor) authentication to login to social networks
  5. Limit the personal and professional information you share
  6. Use personal credentials for personal accounts
  7. Make sure your Internet connection is secure
  8. Do not download or click on suspicious content
  9. Only activate geolocation services on apps when necessary
  10. Practice safe browsing

Need a Template?

Download the Social Media Guidelines Template to help you formulate a plan.

If you need help writing your social media guidelines, give me a call.

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