Frightful-B2B-532x266-1 7 Frightful B2B Halloween Marketing Ideas

7 Frightful B2B Halloween Marketing Ideas

When it comes to B2B marketing ideas for the ultimate fright-night, keep ideas bite-sized and easy to digest.

Carve out some time to create a fun-filled campaign bound to startle your clients and have them screaming for more. Here’s how.

  1. Snackables – Create an odd number of social media posts to share throughout the month. Use creepy graphics to bring the message to life. Then sprinkle in some wickedly-good puns, like “Don’t be haunted by [insert a term like payroll, tax, audit, estate planning, etc.] nightmares. Call us today!” Or, “When someone mentions accounting, does it sound like a chainsaw on a garage door to you? Give us a call. We’ll scare the monster away.” Check out our Instagram feed for some examples.
  2. Fear – Create a sense of urgency using a fear tactic – fear of missing out that is – to attend an online webinar. As the registration deadline approaches, remind people that virtual seats are filling up and time is of the essence.
  3. Sounds – Use a video creation tool to develop a two- to a three-minute video about a year-end business tax break. Incorporate Halloween sounds like creaking doors, screams, or spooky sounds to build excitement about the tips you plan to reveal.
  4. Contest – Ask employees or clients to participate in a pumpkin carving or a Halloween costume contest. Take photos, encourage sharing on social media, and even offer simple prizes like donations to charity, a large container of candy or healthy snacks, or a cute Halloween-themed branded toy.
  5. Pumpkin Bowling – Challenge your peers, clients, or community business members to a fun game of pumpkin blowing. Collect ten bowling pins (plastic ones are great for this) and buy small pumpkins to use as balls. Create a “bowling alley” with orange, purple, or green pool noodles for bumpers and a large roll of paper for the alley. Then challenge teams to a game. I guarantee you’ll be laughing the whole time. Play for charity or to win a big prize (like a large container of sweets, toys, or gift certificates).
  6. Email – Spruce up your email header with a creepy look or add a spooky video featuring a surprise “guest” that appears as people are reading the email. It’s bound to get attention.
  7. Video – This one will take some time, so get started today! Develop a video script for two characters dressed in Halloween costumes. That conversation is meant to be humorous but truthful – like crazy tax deductions. Below are two sample scripts.

Do tell! What are some of the most entertaining Halloween marketing campaigns you’ve used?

Video Script Ideas

Pet Expense Tax Deductions

Scene – Two Halloween-costumed people are sitting on a couch enjoying a bowl of snacks. The lighting is low. There is a pet (cat/dog) visible in the scene. Low, creepy music playing.

Character 1: You know [enter name], I’ve been working in theater with my [insert pet type] for about 250 years. [strokes pet] I’ve never thought to claim their expenses on my taxes. Did you know you can claim some types of pet expenses on your taxes?

Character 2: I had no idea [enter name]. 250 years, really? You don’t look a day over 125. [cackles with laughter]

Character 1: Awe thanks. Yeah, it says on [enter accounting firm name]’s website that pets are not dependents – ha! little do they know – and cannot be claimed on taxes. But, if you use pets for your business, certain expenses are deductible.

Character 2: Hmm… I wonder if [strange pet or bird] counts as a pet?

Character 2 looks at his/her pet.

Character 2: I’ll have to give [insert accounting firm name] a call. Do you think they take calls after midnight?

Both characters laugh.

Roll the credits with the firm’s name, address, phone number, and website included. Be sure to use spooky music and something unexpected like the pet photobombing the page or waking up from sleep.


Hair-Raising Tax Deductions

Scene – Two characters are dressed in Halloween costumes. One character has its head in the sink with the water running. An unusual hair dye should be visible in the sink bowl.

Character 1: What color are you dying your hair?

Character 2: Stop being ridiculous. The same color I always do [insert unusual color]. You know, it’s part of my shtick.

Character 2 wraps its head in a towel.

Character 1: Wouldn’t it be something if you could claim your hair-dying expenses on our taxes?

Character 2: What, are you a ghost? What have you done with [character 1 name]? That sounds frightening.

Show character 1 looking at a mobile device.

Character 1: It says on [enter accounting firm name]’s website that certain aspects of yourself can be considered a business expense if used for advertising and branding.

Character 2: Now that’s just hair raising (they both laugh). I’m going to call them right now. Do you think they accept calls after midnight?

The characters look at each other and laugh again.

Roll the credits with the firm’s name, address, phone number, and website included. Be sure to use spooky music and something unexpected like a photo of the person with the crazy hair color.

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