5 Scary Marketing Tricks for October

5-Scary-Marketing-Tricks-for-October-532x266-1 5 Scary Marketing Tricks for October
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Communicating with clients can be scary, but it’s a must.

5-Scary-Marketing-Tricks-for-October-120x300 5 Scary Marketing Tricks for October
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Here are five, scary marketing tactics to tackle when tricks and treats are on everyone’s mind. Download the infographic to keep handy (or to share … wink). Or, watch the video tips.

  1. Postcard Madness: Connect with your clients with a Halloween-themed postcard. Link it to your website landing page with a “scary” call to action.
  2. Coloring Monsters: Create a Halloween-themed coloring contest for kids, teens, and adults. This is an effective way to engage with your audience on Facebook. Link to your website for the coloring page download. Then tie the winners’ names to donation you make to a children’s charity.
  3. Launch a Frightening Campaign: For just $1 per day, run a Halloween-themed Facebook boosted post. Tie it to your website where followers can get a spooky coupon or tricky tip.
  4. Eyeballs Galore: In your reception area, place a jar of fake eyeballs or creepy crawlies. Then ask people to guess how many are in the jar for a chance to win something your company offers.
  5. Tombstone Traction: Great for a town-wide event. Ask community members to write humorous tombstones epitaphs. Charge $1 to get the cartoon tombstone that can be displayed in storefront windows. The money raised would support a local charity.

Many of these can also be posted and promoted on your favorite social media platforms. Remember to keep it lighthearted and fun, oh and family friendly.

Halloween will be here before you know it and some of these tricks take weeks to coordinate and launch. Now’s the time to get started with your tricky Halloween campaign.

Don’t be scared, we can help.

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