7 Killer Social Media Calendar Tips to Boost Traffic

killer-social-media-calendar_LI-532x266 7 Killer Social Media Calendar Tips to Boost Traffic
Photo: Jerry Kimbrell

You’re using social media for your company’s brand with the desire to increase brand awareness, to grow followers, and to create sales.

But, do you have a plan?

Here are seven, killer steps to crush your social media calendar needs.

  1. Find a tool or template that is easy to use. Here are several from social media rock stars like HubSpot, HootSuite, and CoSchedule.
  2. Identify your monthly themes and goals. These should align with your business goals.
  3. Review the National Day Calendar each month for fun topics you can inject into your calendar.
  4. Determine how often you should post on each of your platforms. Sprout Social offers these suggestions for Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Pinterest.
  5. Use headline generators and/or content creators to help you with the heavy lifting. Tools, such as Sumo, Title-Generator, SEOPressor, and CoSchedule, help with the headlines. Tools like Hemmingwayapp, org, and Alibaba are helpful to generate content.
  6. Mix content format throughout the calendar. Share photos, text, polls, video, fill in the blanks, and more to help engage the readers.
  7. Create graphics for each post. Images and video content are playing a much larger role in social media.

Now that you have the steps, what’s going to be on your calendar over the next few months?

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