B2B-silliness-532x266-1 B2B Marketing: Slaying Seriousness with a Splash of Silliness

B2B Marketing: Slaying Seriousness with a Splash of Silliness

Ahoy, brave B2B marketers! Buckle up because we’re diving headfirst into the exhilarating world of Business-to-Business (B2B) marketing with a sparkle of wit and a pinch (or perhaps a handful) of absurdity!

Tip #1: Emoji-nize Your Communications

Did you think emojis were only for teenagers and WhatsApp groups? Think again! Sprinkle a dash of fun into those often too-formal emails and messages with emojis that encapsulate the emotion behind the missive. It humanizes your brand and, yes, even businesses like to engage with something that has a pulse. CRM.lab (nethunt) shares the pros and cons here.

Tip #2: The Meme Majesty

Transform that dry industry jargon into scrumptious meme material. Lighten the atmosphere by transforming stats, data, and corporate speak into memes that make even the most stoic business moguls chuckle. Who knew profit margins could evoke laughter, right? See it in action with TheBig4Accountant on Instagram.

Tip #3: GIFs – The Unsung Heroes of Brevity

Why write a 200-word email when a GIF can convey it instantaneously, injecting a dose of lightness and humanity into the conversation? Choose GIFs that brighten up the message, ensuring your communications are lively, vibrant, and, dare we say, entertaining. Get more tips from SpiceWorks.

Tip #4: Storytime Chronicles

Pack your content with relatable stories that make your brand approachable and authentic. Your client might forget data, but they will never forget how you made them feel with that hilarious anecdote about a product launch gone hilariously awry yet spectacularly salvaged. Demodia shares 8 examples of how this is used by companies.

Tip #5: Social Media Banter Fiesta

Ditch the tie and engage in some cheeky, playful banter with businesses and clients on social media. It’s a spectacle that not only humanizes your brand but also engages others in a delightful, memorable manner. It’s not always about promoting content; sometimes, it’s just about sharing a good laugh.

There you have it, five twinkling tips to navigate the often too-serious sea of B2B marketing. By adding a touch of humor, a dash of relatability, and a torrent of genuine, heartfelt communication, you’re not merely selling a service; you’re becoming the jester that stole the king’s heart (and business). Brand Equity shares tips on how to do it right.

A Dash of This and A Sprinkle of That

With B2B marketing, remember a dash of silliness can be the most sensible thing. So, deck out your strategy with smiles, and create partnerships that are not just profitable but also delightful!

Need help with your B2B marketing content? Give us a call. We’d love to help you step outside your comfort zone and create some engaging content.

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