How to Create Great Content

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The other day I was presenting a webinar and one of the participants asked, “Do you have any tips on how to create great content?”

Of course, I said yes. It’s my bread and butter actually.

I’m sharing with you the tips I shared with them about how to create great content and the process I use to develop it.

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The Process

  1. Answer a question or provide a solution to a pain point. If I don’t have a question from a client, I turn to AnswerthePublic.com for suggestions. That resource provides you with the top search questions people ask about a topic.
  2. Define what I’m creating. There are dozens of content pieces you can create from just one topic, e.g., blog, infographic, tip sheet, checklist, video, podcast, slide deck, whitepaper, ebook, etc.
  3. Research to provide stats, data, quotes, or other interesting tidbits about the topic.
  4. Edit. Refine.
  5. Identify a call to action – what do I want people to do with the content. Do I need a lead-generation form? Do I want them to share it? Do I want them to click on additional resources on my site? Do I want them to call me, buy something, use a coupon, etc.?
  6. Add a catchy title. That’s where title generators come in very handy.

The Tools

Online Writing Tool Resources

Headline Generators


Visual Creation Tools

Free Video Creation Tools

Social Media Image Size Cheat Sheet 2020 (including ads)

Filler Content

Call-to-Action Formula

Additional Resources

If you are having content-development challenges, begin by thinking about your customers’ needs. Then answer them.

Need Help?

We specialize in content development for small business owners and CPAs. Give us a call if you need help developing a content piece or strategy to draw in leads.

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