crisis-stmt How to Write a Social Media Crisis Statement

How to Write a Social Media Crisis Statement

Nobody wants to think a social media crisis can happen to them, but it can. Here’s how to craft a social media crisis statement to help you respond to the situation quicker.

Include the following items:

  1. A factual headline.
  2. The date and time.
  3. The location of the incident.
  4. Basic details have been confirmed.
  5. Actions your organization is taking that you are willing to make public.
  6. An expression of compassion or empathy (if appropriate)
  7. Contact details OR details on further updates.

How to write a statement.

HubSpot offers examples of key messages in a crisis communication plan for financial, personnel, organizational, technical, and natural crisis.

Keep these six tips in mind while crafting your message:

  1. Use key messages, verified information, and avoid becoming defensive.
  2. Define and isolate the actual problem.
  3. Produce at least three key messages.
  4. Express empathy.
  5. Take action.
  6. Be honest.

Below is a press template you can use, which can also be posted on your website and linked to in social media.

Company X responds to ____________


Time: HH:MM

Company X can confirm that at __:__ (insert time) today at __________ (insert location) ____________________________ (details e.g. A fire broke out at our manufacturing premises/ Charges were filed against our CEO/ a bomb threat was called into our headquarters in Dublin).

__________________________________________ (what the company is doing about it e.g. An investigation is taking place (or will take place) into the cause of the fire/ The CEO has been suspended without pay pending the outcome of the investigation/ Our headquarters have been evacuated and all staff have been sent home pending a search of the building by the bomb squad.)

Company X would like to ___________________________(strenuously deny the allegations/ express our sincerest condolences to the victims) and assure the public that we are (taking this matter very seriously/ moving quickly to establish the details).

We have __________________ (established a task force/mobilised a response team/set up a call centre) and will provide further updates as soon as the information we receive can be verified.

Our next statement will be issued at __:__(four hours from now).

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